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Pay Per Booking membership

Published in News - August 18, 2014

Are you interested in a Pay Per Booking membership?

Pay Per Booking is a great option for members who only want to book one trip or who are new to home swapping and want to try it out before committing to an annual membership.

As a Pay Per Booking member with a home listed on the site, you'll have the assistance of our team to contact homes that you’re interested in swapping with. And you will only pay a fee when a trip has been agreed. 

There is no annual membership fee but Pay Per Booking members do not have access to the Swap Points program.



How does your Pay Per Booking membership work?

If you have a home listed with Love Home Swap and see a property that you’re interested in or receive an enquiry about your property, simply get in touch with our customer service team. 

Our dedicated team will contact the member on your behalf, about the trip that you would like to take. We’ll find the dates that best suit you both and finalize the details. When the member is happy to go ahead with the swap, we agree the trip and you’ll be charged the one off Pay Per Booking fee. 

You will then be given the members contact details to finalise any further details and stay in touch ahead of the trip.

If a swap is not possible we will help to find potential alternatives.  


What does Pay Per Booking cost?

There is a one-off fee for each trip agreed of £499*. The booking fee is the same irrespective of the length of the trip.



What are the cancellation conditions for Pay Per Booking members?

If a trip is cancelled by the other member, your Pay Per Booking fee will be refunded in full. 


What's the benefit of upgrading to a pay per subscription membership?

You can choose to upgrade at any time – giving you full access to our Swap Points program and can agree an unlimited number of swaps. Memberships start at only £144* per year.



Feel free to contact us if you have any questions - we're always happy to help.

* or local currency equivalent

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