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We aren’t allowed to travel right now (we can hear a collective groan from our members), but that doesn’t mean we can’t frame a new photo of ourselves lounging by the pool in Portugal, admiring the mountains in New Zealand, or even spotting animals in South Africa. And we’re not talking about an old photo of ourselves here – we're talking about a photo of a place we haven’t actually been to yet! Introducing our new holiday photo service, which offers free professional Photoshopping to any destination in the world.

Whether it’s an old family picture from the archives, or a snap taken in your home in lockdown, simply post your picture to @LoveHomeSwap on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, along with your destination of choice. And just like that, the travel-loving home-swapping gurus will Photoshop you there, making it look like you’re actually on holiday, rather than being stuck at home in yet another lockdown!


Although a Photoshopped picture to a far-flung destination is no comparison to actually being there, the aim of this free service is to give people hope. Because even if we can’t explore the world at this moment in time, soon we’ll have the freedom to travel to these incredible locations!


How to submit your photo to be Photoshopped

Share your picture with us! This could be a post on Instagram or replying to our tweet and Facebook post.
Let us know where you’d like to be in the world
Depending on what social media channel you share your photo and dream destination on, we’ll either DM you or reply to your comment with your new travel photo


Tips for taking your photos

Try to have as much of you in the photo as possible. Ideally you should all be standing up (or even better acting out what you’d like to be doing!)
- Avoid photos with other things in the foreground – such as plants and greenery, furniture and other objects.
- Make sure your photos are nice and bright and high quality

Discover yours and other submissions by following #PhotoshopHolidays on Twitter and Instagram.


What is Love Home Swap?

Love Home Swap members have properties in more than 100 countries all over the world, many with incredible views – perfect for a placeholder picture, while you plan for a real holiday in the future. 


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