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The team at Love Home Swap are proud to raise funds for akt (The Albert Kennedy Trust), a charity that supports young people who are facing homelessness as a result of being LGBTQ+. In our latest fundraising initiative, we’re raising cash by sharing our new lockdown hobbies - and we’d like to invite you to do the same.    

What is the #distrAKTion challenge? 

The #distrAKTion challenge is a way to spread some joy whilst staying at home. It’s a way to raise money for akt, Love Home Swap’s chosen charity And it’s a vital chance to support LGBTQ+ youth who are facing homelessness.  

The idea behind the challenge is to proudly flood your social media channels with the hobbies you’ve started since the first lockdown in spring 2020 - no matter how silly, mundane or downright bizarre they are! We want to celebrate all the things we’re enjoying and finding comfort in whilst staying home, while celebrating the rich history of the LGBTQ+ community this LGBT+ History Month. And in doing so, our team and the Love Home Swap family will play an important role in supporting future generations with access to safe accommodation, housing advice and community support.  

The #distrAKTion challenge is split into 3 simple steps – participate, nominate and donate! Simply share a photo of yourself doing your hobby, nominate 5 friends to share their hobby, then donate £5 to akt via our charity fundraising page.  


How to get involved and help fundraise for #distrAKTion: 

You can help us fundraise by following these 3 simple steps:  

Participate: Share your lockdown hobby with your followers on your social media channels, remembering to use the hashtag #distrAKTion! 

Nominate: Tag 5 of your friends to share their lockdown passion. 

Donate: Make a £5 donation (or whatever you’re comfortable paying) by visiting our fundraising page (just click here). 

Think you haven’t got a hobby? Then let us help with a few nifty tips on how to get involved.

Here's a few  recommendations of hobbies to get you started:  

Extend your knowledge with bird-spotting, learning a new language or an instrument, or get to grips with a jigsaw. Take up a physical challenge such as gardening, running, walking, yoga, Pilates, rollerblading or DIY. Share your thoughts with podcasting and blogging. Or enjoy some leisure time with a spot of cocktail-making, cooking, letter-writing, baking, painting, gaming, knitting, sewing, binge-watching TV series, reading, writing or zodiac chart-reading.  


Here are some of our Swapstars' lockdown hobbies to inspire you:


Why this cause?

Celia Pronto, Managing Director of Love Home Swap says:

“It’s really important for the Love Home Swap team to champion a charity that we feel connected to, and I am incredibly proud that we have chosen the Albert Kennedy Trust. The charity does such important work and was selected because of their commitment to supporting young people from the LGBTQ+ community who are facing homelessness or other housing challenges. We’re committed to enabling their incredible work with the funds we raise. This year has demonstrated just how essential a safe and secure home is for all of us, and it’s also been a year where we’ve realised how important it is for people to come together to help those in need. I’m so proud of how much has already been raised and can’t wait to see what we achieve this year.”

Bex Shorunke, Senior Media Officer from takt says:

“We really appreciate Love Home Swap selecting akt as their Charity of the Year. We have seen a massive spike in referrals to our services, with a 118% increase in new referrals between April to August this year, compared with the same period in 2019. Fundraising plays a crucial role in enabling us to continue delivering much needed support to LGBTQ+ young people during this challenging time. We thank Love Home Swap for raising awareness around the work we do and look forward to seeing the fruits of their labour!”


During lockdown, many of us have become increasingly aware of the importance of a safe and comfortable living space.

Coming out, or being outed as LGBTQ+, can lead to young people being made homeless, with 24% of homeless young people identifying as LGBTQ+. Once in this position, LGBTQ+ young people are more likely to face violence and discrimination than young people who aren’t LGBTQ+. 77% of the young people that the charity work with, believe that coming out at home was the main factor in causing their homelessness.

At Love Home Swap, we believe that everyone has the right to safe and comfortable housing, and that no one should have to choose between a safe home and being who they are.


Can I do the challenge if I haven’t been nominated? 

Yes, of course! We’re simply suggesting that people nominate 5 others to encourage more to get involved, so the more people sharing their lockdown hobbies, the better! If no one has nominated you, you can still share your lockdown hobby on your social media channels (don’t forget to include the hashtag ##distrAKTion so we can see your lovely nominations!) and donate through our fundraising page. 

You can share your hobbies with us either on Instagram or Facebook stories, or by posting on your Facebook or Instagram feed.  


About akt (formerly Albert Kennedy Trust) 

Set up in 1989, akt is a voluntary organisation based in England that supports young people aged 16-25 from the LGBTQ+ community who are experiencing homelessness or other housing challenges. The charity helps young people find safe accommodation and can support with factors such as employment, education and training in an environment that celebrates LGBTQ+ identities. 


About Love Home Swap 

Love Home Swap is a leading members-only global home swapping platform, that allows travellers to explore the world through the power of sharing. From city pads to chateaux, the site features thousands of inspiring homes in more than 100 countries worldwide. Founded in the UK in 2011, Love Home Swap was inspired by the movie ‘The Holiday’. Helping members swap stunning properties for almost 10 years, the service offers authentic, original and unique holiday accommodation for travellers looking for somewhere to truly write home about. Members can choose from a Classic Swap, where they swap houses with someone else, either at the same time or on different dates, or a Points Swap, allowing them to travel without having to match their plans with another member.  

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