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It's no secret the sharing economy is soaring. PwC now estimates the industry's global value could grow by more than 20 times within a decade to £230BN. We're proud to say that Love Home Swap members seem to be a bit ahead of the curve here. Here are six stats we uncovered from our Love Home Swap super sharers from our latest survey.

A lot are using sharing services already

An amazing 51 percent of members told us you're using multiple sharing economy services in your day-to-day lives, with 35 percent saying you use these platforms 'often'. It also appears many are seasoned sharers. Three-quarters have been using the sharing economy for more than a year and 45 percent more than three years.


They share more than just their homes

Ignoring other platforms for just a second - many Love Home Swap members are sharing much more than just your home, even if Love Home Swap is the only sharing service currently used. Two-fifths of the club have swapped cars while participating in a home exchange and a fifth have also given access to items like club memberships and ski-equipment for swap guests.


They're broadening their travel horizons

Okay, so this one isn't that surprising, but hear us out. More than three-quarters of members told us they've also used other travel sharing services such as Airbnb and One Fine Stay. Transport platforms like Zipcar and BlaBlaCar also appeared popular with the Love Home Swap audience, with almost half of you using these kinds of sites too.



You're not swapping pets... just yet

Sites like Borrow My Doggy were less popular, with only 2% currently engaging with pet sharing services. Given that 50% of Love Home Swap members are happy for you to bring your pet during a swap, we can see why this is the case. Luckily for those who want to leave their pets behind, these services are likely to start appearing on swappers' radars - 12% of are planning on using these kinds of platforms in future.


It's not just about the money

Saving money is a big motivator. 45 percent use sharing services mainly for financial gains (Love Home Swap members say they save an average of $4300 per exchange). It wasn't the be-all-and-end-all though. Two-fifths are in it for the better experience, which comes from more personal travel. And if we had one stat come from this survey to warm the cockles of your heart, it's this one: A further 4 percent are just looking to make some new, international friends.


The Hofmann's met with their kind hosts in the airport at the end of their swap to Iceland


Swapping is changing their approach to travel

Half of our members take the traditional approach to holidaying, selecting destinations they know they want to visit already. Interestingly, the other half say they're open to the new travel destinations they might never have thought of. They're also using the club to travel for longer, with 36 percent of the club using the site to take holidays longer than two weeks.


Debbie and Mike's quirky treehouse in British Colombia


If our super sharers have piqued your interest, check out our Meet the Members section to learn more about some of Love Home Swap's super swappers.












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