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During this time of sudden, drastic change, our team has taken some time to reflect on what they have learned over this time, what they are doing differently, and their top tips on how to maintain your well-being over this period.


Create a comfortable workspace

"Set up an actual office space if you can. I got a screen raiser, mouse and keyboard for my laptop so I can   it at the dining table and feel like I’m at a desk and it genuinely helps with productivity.” – Louisa, Sales


Wake up your normal time

“Maintain an early rise routine and use that time to do 30 mins of exercise; I’ve learned that it really helps me hold on to my sanity and it usually sets my day on the right path. I like to exercise in the morning but getting to the office for 9am sometimes makes this a difficult task so I have taken this as one of the positives during the isolation period” – Dora, Operations


“I try to wake up at the normal time you would for work and either read (or watch a billion makeup tutorials on YouTube like do) for your commute time!” – Louisa, Sales


Make time to exercise

“I've found keeping fit during this period important to my well-being. I have made a habit of fitting in a 5k run around my local park every other day, and have also started Joe Wick's 'PE with Joe' exercise classes!" – Thierry, Marketing

“I try to take an actual lunch break away from your workspace (I try to fit in 30 minutes of exercise during this time 3 days a week)” – Louisa, Sales

"I'm doing some exercises every weekend with a group of friends via Zoom. Having people with common interests is very motivational for me and I'm realizing how important it is to feel part of something to keep going." – Dimple, Customer Services


Take time to appreciate the little things

“I appreciate the things I used to take for granted so much more now – like hairdressers, meeting a friend for a cup of coffee or casually walking into a shop to buy something.” - Celia, Managing Director


“Never will I ever take for granted my local coffee shop, being able to pop round to a friend’s house or enjoying a long walk in the countryside on the weekends. These things will be all the better once we’re on the other side of this.” – Ellena, Marketing


Appreciate our key workers

"Working from home with a toddler (20 months) has made me think about how all teachers deserve a raise when the world gets back to normal!" – Jade, Membership Team


I have a new-found appreciation for the people who make our lives that much easier – delivery drivers and postmen in particular!” – Celia, Managing Director


Try new things. Get quizzing. Exercise, or not

“Contemplated exercise at length. Produced an awful techno track. Watched around 40 films. Lost about 50 Zoom quizzes” – James, Product Manager


Take time to turn off

"It can be easy to get into a Netflix binge routine; lunch break, after work and even during work in the background sometimes. So my suggestion is to take a moment to go for a walk with whoever you live, or if you are alone, still go for a walk but call a friend or family member and see how they are doing" – Dora, Operations

“As the lines between work and home have become blurred, it’s become even more important to carve out “work-time” and “home-time” – Celia, Managing Director



Stay connected with your team

“Seeing people makes a huge difference to your day. Forcing the team to use video calling is helping us all to remain connected. I feel we’ve all become a little closer from this shared experience and have gotten to know each other a little better as we’ve peered into each other’s homes and met each other’s families – it feels more human. I am hopeful that from this will emerge a kinder society where everyone is just a little bit nicer!” – Celia, Managing Director


“Working from home has strangely, brought me closer to my colleagues in different locations such as London and Ireland office. We have a daily call that completely gets me going and gives me the positive vibe I need to start off my day. Absolutely love it!” – Jade, Membership Team


“Rather than learnt, I have been re-convinced that we have a good bunch of people at LHS. Truly. We managed to maintain a positive spirit, we check-in on each other, we help new starters feel welcome while onboarding remotely…and we talk about what we want to do when we see each other again which means we more than tolerate each other! This has re-affirmed that I place importance on people and culture, at least at this stage of my career.” - Dora, Operations

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