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Every travel destination has at least one must-see attraction.

We at Love Home Swap were curious. Which of these attractions was the most visited? Would it be India's iconic Taj Mahal? Or perhaps California's Disneyland? And just how many holidaymakers visited them each year? Following extensive research, we've come up with a list of the 50 most visited tourist attractions.

The 50 most visited tourist attractions in the world


We acquired the most up-to-date data by gathering statistics from the attractions' own published figures (or internal data they would share), industry reports, government reports and other trustworthy media outlets. Obviously attractions which do not sell tickets, gave us estimates. We dismissed some attractions as they could not distinguish between tourists and other general visitors - such as Piccadilly Circus for example. This no doubt led to some otherwise worthy attractions missing out, however we had to decide upon some kind of methodology. Although the US does dominate, it is an extremely well visited country whose own citizens are notorious for domestic holidaying - partly because the US is so large and varied.

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