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In honour of International Museum Day, we've put together our top 10 bizarre and brilliant (for the most part) museums from across the globe.

It's safe to assume that most cities in the world have some kind of museum. Usually, they will exhibit the rich history of their culture, or local artists perhaps. But what a dull world it would be if not for the weird, wonderful and creepy institutions who allow us to bask in the strangeness of their curations.

1. Avanos Hair Museum, Turkey

Located in a pottery centre, this museum (and we use the term rather loosely) displays around 16,000 locks of female visitor's hair. It's one of the creepier choices on the list, but we guess it's a great way to make your mark in this small Turkish village.


2. Sulabh International Museum of Toilets, India

The rooms here are lined with historic artefacts and toilets dating back from thousands of years ago. For anyone with an interest in sanitation it's a great place to visit... Either way it makes for a strange and wonderful anecdote.

3. Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum

In the home of instant noodles, this museum attracts a huge amount of visitors. Apparently the concept is to inspire innovation and creation but to many it is slightly more of a gimmick. And yes, there is an amazing timeline showing the history and evolution of the dearly loved instant noodle.


4. World Carrot Museum, Belgium

This museum entirely devotes itself to carrots. You heard correctly - carrots. They attempt to show visitors the evolution and art of the humble carrot in this small Belgian institution. If you head here you'll see exhibitions about all possible carrot types, colours and sizes and, most importantly, obtain knowledge you will definitely savour.

5. The Dog Collar Museum, UK

Part of the beautiful Leeds Castle in Kent, this museum is genuinely a must-see for visitors. The collars date from the 15th century to current day and many are extremely valuable (we're shocked too). We can promise you will never see a larger, more peculiar selection of canine fashion in your life.


6. The Museum of Bad Art, US

Clearly a place that doesn't take itself too seriously, this museum dedicates itself to exhibiting the best that bad art has to offer. Head here for a confusing yet very entertaining cultural experience.

7. Museum of Pez Memorabilia

This museum lives and breathes Pez. They house hundreds of vintage and current dispensers of this famous and loved sweet treat. If this isn't weird enough for you, inside the same space is the Museum of Banned Toys. Both are an exhibition of nostalgia in all it's glory.


8. The Mini Bottle Gallery, Norway

Although technically not a museum, this place could not have been ignored. Amazingly, the gallery has been open and running for over a decade and houses a vast amount of miniature bottles. For those who want to avoid the mini-bottle-loving crowds, there is also the chance to book yourself a private viewing.

9. UFO Museum and Research Centre, US

Are we really alone in the universe? If you've asked this question before then lucky you, because that's exactly what this museum wants to answer! After a mysterious sighting in New Mexico, this centre was erected to attempt to discover the secrets of potential alternative life forms - think ET but a lot creepier.

10. Cancun Underwater Museum, Mexico

Definitely the coolest of all the list, this museum is home to 470 life-size statues. Some of the pieces are pretty eerie and slightly disturbing but a visit there would be unforgettable. The museum can be reached by a glass-bottom boat, scuba-diving or snorkelling.


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