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Discover the travel compilation album you didn’t know you needed. Featuring the greatest airport and airplane noises, these are the sounds we’ve all missed while grounded in lockdown.

As many of us have put international travel on hold this year, we decided to create a 'Sounds of Travel' playlist that is full of familiar sounds that travellers miss.

From boarding announcements to luggage carousels, passport stamps to clicking seatbelts: airport and airplane sounds are familiar the world over. But for many this year, they have become a distant memory. 

For those that are missing the familiar soundtrack of travelling, Love Home Swap has released a free compilation album of familiar ambient airport and airplane sounds. It can be downloaded and listened to here.

Although an album of airport sounds is no comparison to actually being there, we hope the album will bring a little nostalgic optimism to travel-lovers yearning to get away. So conjure up the best vacation memories with airport announcements and chimes, the chatter of other travellers in airports, the whirr of plane engines, the rolling wheels of suitcases, planes taking off and landing, boarding passes being printed and the ‘fasten your seatbelt’ sound.

Célia Pronto, Managing Director at Love Home Swap says: “For many people, the sounds of airports are the sounds of going on holiday, and they are recognised all over the world. Unfortunately, not many people have been able to hear these familiar chimes, announcements and ambient noises this year. So, we thought we’d give people an easy way to evoke a little bit of that holiday feeling, and inspire feelings of optimism about the day in the not-so-distant future when we can all safely hear the sounds of airports and airplanes for real!”


Listen to Love Home Swap's Sounds of Travel Playlist: 



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