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Know someone who would absolutely love home swapping? Win a lifetime membership for you and a friend by sharing your favourite home swap photos with us. See more details on how to enter in this blog post.


How to enter:

To be in for the chance of winning, all you have to do is


1. Snap

Snap a photo of you on your home swap, or simply upload one of your favourite shots from a home swap you have done lately.


2. Tag

Make sure to use the hashtag #WeLoveHomeSwap and tag a friend who you think would love home swapping. Remember, without using the hashtag we won’t be able to find your post and your entry will not be valid.


3. Post

Post your snaps to your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter (or all three!)

1 post = 1 entry, so the more you post the more chance you have of winning!


Things to note:

- You must be following Love Home Swap on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts to be eligible to win
- 1 post = 1 entry, so the more you post the more entries you get! Max entry is 5 posts. 


Competition closes 31st August 2019 with a winner annouced within the week. The winner will be notified via their social channels that they submitted their entry on. 


Any questions? Get in touch with the team to find out more.


Good luck, and happy swapping!



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