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Welcome to Love Home Swap!

Published in News - October 4, 2016

After brightening up our office with some fabulous artwork from our friends at Rise Art, we’re ecstatic to be teaming up with them. And as a Rise Art member we’re happy to offer you an exclusive four-week free trial with us. So keep reading to see what we're all about.

One of our beautiful homes for swaps in Bali, Indonesia... 

Our members love art and interiors just as much as you; with many of our homes featuring some amazing artwork and interiors. And what’s best; you can go live in them – with homes in over 160 countries, there’s plenty to choose from for that dream holiday. 

Here's just one of the great pieces from RiseArt in our offices...  

Travel the world through the power of swapping’, that’s the idea behind Love Home Swap. It’s simple; our members advertise their homes on the site, and swap with others from around the world – yes, exactly like the classic Cameron Diaz movie ‘The Holiday’. 

We were built with families in mind. Our founder and CEO, Debbie Wosskow OBE said ‘I had my children and staying in hotels was a complete nightmare and what I really wanted to do was just take my home and put it elsewhere in the world.’ And 5 years later we have done just that. With over 100,000 properties worldwide, families can travel just about anywhere and experience some great locations (and interiors). 

There are so many benefits to swapping, firstly you can avoid those pricey accommodation costs, with users ‘saving up to 90% on their holidays’:

“We swapped with a five-bedroom villa right outside the marina and even traded cars. The weather was beautiful and the kids loved it. It was just an amazing holiday and we saved close to £17,000 over our 8-week trip”  - Robbie, Twickenham UK

The entire process is totally transparent, with all our members having listed homes on the site, there is a great deal of trust. Our latest Travel Protection pack has just launched too – giving you extra peace of mind.

Home swapping provides a truly authentic holiday experience. Real homes, real places, real people and real experiences. Our community help each other to experience a true taste of the location without the taint of corporate tourism:

“Swapping has saved us around $18,000 and we’ve been able to visit many unique places outside the typical tourist locations. In Canterbury we met a local historian at the pub and we had a magical stay in Tuscany. Feeling like you are the temporary owners of that house provides something a hotel never could.” - Demeri family (New York, USA)

Start your free four week trial today and get swapping - if you have any questions please let us know and we will be very happy to help.

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