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Welcome to the new Swap Points

Published in News - March 17, 2016

Our unique Swap System is two years old and to celebrate, we've given it a revamp to make it work even harder for you, our members.

In case you didn't know, Swap Points is our unique system, helping you to arrange a Swap when one member isn't looking to stay with the other.

Rather than Swapping your home for theirs, swap it for Points, which you can use to stay anywhere else on Love Home Swap, at any other time. Easy.

So what's new?

So far this year we've been excited to introduce two new great Swap Points features to the site - making Swap Points easier than ever to use.

The Hotlist

Join the Hotlist to find the most up-to-date Swap Points trips available and share your latest availability.

Use the Hotlist to book

Search the Hotlist to see what's available and how many nights your Swap Points will get you.

Add your home to earn more

Set your Swap Points rate and tell us when your home's next available. Show off your home to anyone looking to holiday during that time.

Flexi Points

Flexi Points help you swap with homes just like yours more easily. Our clever system compares your home with the community to give you a recommended nightly Swap Points rate. You can even change your rate to suit different seasons or individual trips.


Want to know what a Swap Points trip looks like?

With Flexi Points, all Swap Points trips look a little different, as each home has it's own recommended nightly rate recommendation. However here are just a few of the trips 250 Swap Points could get you...

A weekend in Paris


A night in a Sydney penthouse


A weekend in a French ski chalet


A night in Nottinghill

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