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Everyone has their own take on what constitutes as a ‘good’ vacation. What would be an amazing holiday for your friend could be an absolute no-go for you. At Love Home Swap we were interested in finding out what exactly ‘sparks joy’ in the modern-day traveller, so we asked 500 travel-obsessed individuals what gets them reaching for their passport.

1. Take more trips that spark joy


Traveller or tourist?

According to our recent survey, the majority of Americans (59%) would rather be a traveller, exploring unique, off-the-beaten path experiences, than be a tourist whilst on vacation.

More than a quarter (28%) say they typically stay a home booked through a site or app like Love Home Swap and 19% say the thing they like most about staying in a person’s home is that it makes the travel experience feel authentic.

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Reconnect, unplug and have some serious “me-time”

Sometimes we all need some time to recharge ourselves and our relationships. The top three joy-inducing types of leisure trips are: those that allow Americans to reconnect with loved ones (56%), completely unplug from work (47%), and allow for serious “me time” (44%).

Unplugging from work and serious “me time” were among the top joy-inducing types of vacations amongst Americans (Source: Unsplash)


Seek a unique and energizing experience

There’s nothing quite like trying something new and unfamiliar whilst on vacation to get your energy up. 68% of American say a joyful vacation makes them feel happier, even after they return home. The top three words to describe travel that gives them joy? Energizing (22%), unique (18%) and exotic (16%)


2. Finding joy in a beautiful place


A beautiful abode

1 in 3 Americans say the element of leisure travel that brings them the most joy is a beautiful accommodation, meaning the place you decide to stay in is much more than just a somewhere to rest our head after a day of exploring.

Finding the perfect place to stay can make a huge impact on how much you enjoy your vacation (Source: Love Home Swap)


Make yourself at home

Gone are the days of being wary of the idea of staying in a stranger’s home. Now, over half of Americans (54%) are comfortable staying in a private home (vs. a hotel) when traveling.

A quarter of them say they like staying in a private home because it is more comfortable than staying in a hotel, with 19% noting they like that it provides them with more space for activities (e.g. cooking and entertaining) and 19% say it makes the travel experience feel authentic.


Sights are set on stunning views

The number one thing that brings Americans the most joy on a vacation is beautiful scenery--whether it be gorgeous morning views or beautiful sunrises/sunsets (49%). When thinking about their best vacation, 30% say the scenery or natural beauty is what made it the best.

Stunning views aren’t just found on that hike you’re planning, they can also be enjoyed from the comfort of your home swap bed (Source: Love Home Swap)


3. Travel Inspiration & Planning


Researching where to stay sparks joy amongst travelers

Half of Americans say looking for interesting or unique accommodation is the most enjoyable part of preparing for a vacation 


Daydreaming and scrolling

When dreaming up vacations, 41% of Americans say they scroll through websites and apps to see homes available on accommodation platforms and 29% said they have been inspired to visit a destination by scrolling through these websites/apps.

747 Wing House Photo by Carson Leh

Planning a trip to Malibu? No? Well maybe this Malibu hilltop home on Love Home Swap made from a 747 airplane wings will change your travel plans (Source: Wikipedia Commons)


Inspiration found in books and movies

Ever found yourself getting in a state of wanderlust in the movie theatre? Whether it’s La La Land making to crave Los Angeles or Moulin Rouge having you pack your bags for Paris, 37% of Americans say they have been inspired to visit a destination by seeing it in a movie and 34% by reading about it in a novel or book.


“Point” me in the direction of a good deal

1 in 3 Americans say they check the status of their points so they know what kind of trip is possible when daydreaming about travel. In addition, 44% say the most enjoyable part of preparing for a vacation is scoring big discounts or deals on flights/accommodations.


Cuisine scene fuels joy

Half of Americans say researching restaurants or meals at their destination is the most enjoyable part of preparing for a vacation. When thinking about their best vacation, 22% said the food is what made it the best.

Home swapping can be a great way to connect with local  experts and learn the best spots to eat out, where to grab the best coffee in town and find the best produce for those nights you eat in and make the most of your 'home from home' kitchen.

Getting to know hosts on  accommodation services like Love Home Swap ensures you find the ‘hidden gems’ of your destination (Source: Unsplash)


What sparks joy in you when you travel? Let us know and get involved in the conversion by using the hashtag #lovehomeswap

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