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How to holiday like a star

Published in News - January 1, 2016

With the stress and hard work that comes with all that fame, it's no surprise that no one knows how to unwind quite like the rich and famous. With this in mind, we've put together our list of the best celeb-inspired hotspots for your next vacation.

Beyoncé Knowles - Singer and actress

Beyoncé is currently in the market for a luxury home in the Hamptons, but for the time being she rents a $400,000 (£262,000) per month holiday home there, which comes complete with a movie theatre and bowling alley. Beyoncé has also recently vacationed in Iceland and Thailand and is in Florence as we speak.

To live in luxury in the Hamptons like Beyoncé, check out this stunning Southampton home.

Barack and Michelle Obama - President and First Lady of the United States

For obvious reasons President Obama now resides in Washington DC, but he still likes to head home to Hawaii, where he grew up, every Christmas. The power couple stay in a 13-bed holiday home on Kailua Beach, costing $3,500 (£2,300) a day to rent. After the end of his term next year, rumour has it he'll be staying in Waimanalo, the home of Magnum P.I.

If you want to travel in style like the Obamas, take a look at this luxury pad in Hawaii.

Kim Kardashian - Reality TV star

Being born into megabucks, there were no holds barred for Kim K when she splashed out on her 10-bed beach house in Phuket, Thailand. Elsewhere in the country, she rents a penthouse on Natai Beach, spending at least $2,225 (£1,450) per night and enjoys yacht trips and elephant safaris with her family.

Make like the Kardashian's and enjoy all Thailand has to offer in opulence in this boutique Villa.

David and Victoria Beckham - Ex-footballer and Singer

Posh and Becks have holiday homes all over the world, but this year the lovable couple returned to Marrakech, where they renewed their wedding vows in 2008. They headed back to the Moroccan city to mark David's 40th birthday, staying at the luxurious Amanjena resort, with its 27-hole golf course, 33-metre swimming pool and expansive spa.

Live the dream of a thousand and one nights in Marrakech like Posh and Becks in this Moroccan Riad

George and Amal Clooney - Actor and Human Rights Lawyer

Both George and Amal like a little privacy, so they choose to vacation in the secluded, southern Alpine environs of Lake Como. George bought the 30-room Villa Oleandra for €7.5m (£5.3m/ $8m) back in 2002 and has spent many summers there. They're in good company too, as the likes of John F. Kennedy and Alfred Hitchcock have both also resided here.

Swap your way to this exclusive vacation spot with this luxurious Lake Como home.

Rihanna - Singer

The superstar singer often holidays in the country of her birth - Barbados. One Sandy Lane, the resort where Rihanna likes to stay, costs $22m (£14.5m) and has stunning beach views. She also has a £500,000 ($76,000) holiday home in the south of France and was recently spotted fishing in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Enjoy Barbados in style like Rihanna with this luxe home swap in desirable St James.

Taylor Swift - Singer

Taylor is a staycation-type of girl and chooses to spend her holidays in her $17m (£11m) Rhode Island home. Hostess with the mostest Taylor likes to entertain here, holding parties for the 4th of July and putting up all of her famous friends in this spacious 10 bedroom pad.

Take a break a la Taylor with this stunning Rhode Island home.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt - Actress and Actor

Brangelina are true globetrotters, but have settled down in the vineyards of France, where they got married last year. In 2008, they bought the Château Miraval estate for a cool $70m (£46m). It boasts 35 rooms, a private vineyard, as well as a forest and lake. It boasts 35 rooms, a private vineyard, as well as a forest and lake.

Enjoy a secluded stay in Var, Provence just like Brad and Ange with this spacious chalet.

Elle Macpherson - Supermodel

When she's not owning the catwalk, Elle can often be seen chilling out in her holiday home on Harbour Island in The Bahamas. She's been a regular visitor here since buying her home in 2006. We reckon Elle would make an amazing home swapper - she prefers to stay in a holiday home of her own, rather than in a luxury hotel, because of its more homely feel.

Enjoy some home comforts without the hefty price tag in The Bahamas with this secluded oceanfront swap.

Margot Robbie - Actress

Down-to-earth Aussie and ex-Neighbours star Margot still resides in a London flat share from time to time, but has a great sense of adventure. Last year she was seen holidaying in the Nicaraguan resort of San Juan del Sur, riding the waves at her leisure, paparazzi or no.

Take a leaf out of Margot's book and see San Juan del Sur in style at this luxury home.

Chris Hemsworth - Actor

Even Thor himself likes to take time away from wielding his Mjolnir, spending $7m (£4.6m) on his eight-bed seaside home in Byron Bay, New South Wales. Not just any holiday home, his has its own private lagoon and is so close to the beach he can catch a wave whenever he likes.

Enjoy Byron Bay like a star with this luxury Byron Bay retreat.

Tom Hardy - Actor

Despite his tough on-screen image, Tom likes to spend a lot of time in Provence and even got married in a villa in this part of France last year. He has a property in the town of Saint-Rémy, but he's just as fond of staying in his hometown, London, for weekend breaks.

Take a luxury break in Provence like Hardy in this beautiful Provencal home.

(Hat tip to Alex Johnson, Alicia0928,, Eva Rinaldi, FriskyTuna, Hot Gossip Italia, avrilllllla, avrilllllla, Nils Sautter, bvi4092, Eva Rinaldi, David Dennis, alien_artifact, Eva Rinaldi, Gabbot for the images)

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