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Why Staying In Is The New Going Out

Published in News - August 24, 2016

Why staying in is the new going out. Make the most of your holiday accomodation with your very own private chef! 

Holidays are different for everyone. You've got beach babes, culture hunters, intrepid explorers, shop till they droppers and adrenaline junkies. However there’s one thing we all have in common- relaxing in our accommodation after a long day! 

Holidays are all about escapism- having a break from day to day routines, exploring new restaurants, trying local delicacies and spending quality time with family and friends. Although, from time to time we must admit- it is nice to stay in. However, the thought of cooking, washing up and cleaning everynight isn’t exactly how you imagined spending your holiday... 

Welcome La Belle Assiette; the company shaking up the restaurant industry by bringing the experience of fine dining straight to your doorstep- or should we say kitchen? 

Already interested? Use the code LOVEHOMESWAP by 30 September to get £30 off your first booking!

There are over 700 chefs across Europe available, which will come to you, armed with fresh ingredients, to cook a superb gourmet meal and then leave the kitchen spotless at the end of the evening. The chef will arrive no more than 2 hours before you want to start eating to whip up a delicious meal, leaving you to get ready and enjoy a few drinks before dinner.

So how does it work? Simply go to La Belle Assiette where you can browse and book menus by chefs by simply searching a location and date. Choose a menu that suits your culinary tastes, the chef will give you a quick call to confirm the final logistics, then sit back, relax and enjoy! 

Impressing your friends or treating the family has never been easier or cheaper! La Belle Assiette’s menus start at just £39 per person- including ingredients, the chef's time and cleaning. And thankfully, chefs work around all dietary requirements.

"Nick Fisher came to a holiday house to cook for 13 of us. The food was amazing, as was the service. Each course was presented beautifully, and Nick explained to us each of the component parts as he presented it, but otherwise was very much in the background and left us to enjoy our meal with our friends. Nick did all of the table laying, serving, washing and tidying up, which was such a treat. We were really impressed!" (Marie-Anne)



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