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What’s the most unique home swap you’ve been on? For Patti and Len, it was a luxury yacht in the French Riviera!

Since joining Love Home Swap in 2016, Patti and her husband, Len, have swapped their beautiful apartment in Quebec with members all around the world. Travelling to many locations within the United States (including Florida and Georgia) but also further afield to Europe, they’ve enjoyed the most incredible breaks. But their most exciting endeavour was possibly a Classic Swap in which they exchanged their apartment in Canada for a stunning private yacht on the Côte d'Azur.

Patti and her husband Len sightseeing in Pau, south-west France


​ When did you start home swapping?

“We started home swapping about ten years ago and we haven’t look back since. We love that we are in somebody’s home and that it has all the conveniences of our own home. We can cook our own meals and enjoy the privacy of a garden. You have the option of being able to sleep in, and not have housekeeping come to your door. That’s definitely a bonus.

Also, you tend to stay longer than you would if you were in a hotel. You can go sightseeing and do things completely on your own schedule. We love that part of it.”


What do you think makes a good home swapper?

“Communication is always good. We know first-hand that feeling of arriving at a different airport that you’re not used to, or driving in an unfamiliar city, so sharing information early such as directions or how to pick up the key is always helpful. For some of our swaps, people have left information including how to reach them and little things like when the garbage day is. People usually have lots of recommendations, so there’s somewhat of a tour guide element to it too.

I think we’ve done really well with the swaps that we’ve done so far. We’ve gone around the world, and it’s worked out really well for us.”

How much money do you think you’ve saved from swapping your home?

“We’ve saved thousands of dollars for sure. I don’t know how to even put a price on living in a yacht in the South of France for a week. I couldn’t put a price on that.”


Do you enjoy the community spirit that exists within Love Home Swap?

“Yes, I think you get to know people more than if it were a rental. You form more personal relationships, as you’re talking about your home and they’re talking about theirs. There’s a sense of community for sure.”


Do you have any advice for anyone who is thinking of joining Love Home Swap?

“Don’t wait to do it. I often hear people say that they are thinking of doing it – but don’t wait! We love to travel, and it’s been a really great solution for us. So don’t wait, start now!”


Are you planning any more swaps for after the current lockdown measures?

“All the international swaps that we had booked have been pushed to 2021 and beyond because of Covid-19.  While we long to swap and travel during these times, we are grateful to be safe in our home.  My house has never been so organised, and I have never done so many jigsaw puzzles! We are waiting for safer times when we can pick up where we left off, and check more boxes on our bucket lists.

Sailing off the coast of Villefranche-sur-Mer, France


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