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Boasting an incredible location just ten minutes from the ski slopes, Jill’s stunning French ski chalet has proved popular with Love Home Swap’s outdoorsy community. And with the introduction of Instant Swaps, she’s been able to travel from Paris to Thailand with her family…

Jill has been a member of Love Home Swap for over seven years, completing a staggering 51 trips since joining the site! Swapping her beautiful ski chalet in France, she enjoys around ten home exchanges a year, making full use of the different forms of swapping available to her. We caught up with Jill to discuss her incredible travel experiences and to find out why she prefers the ease of our Instant Swap feature.


Jill’s children on their swap in Thailand


Why do you love home swapping?

“We have four kids, so it’s a very accessible way to travel as there are loads of members around the world, so you can always find somewhere. We did a really good swap last year when we went to Thailand. I took the three eldest children to Khao Lak where we taught English and we stayed at a lady called Kat’s house. It was fantastic as we were right in the village where we were volunteering, and they picked us up in their wagon and took us to various schools. Everyone else was stuck in hostels, while we went back to an air-conditioned house with a swimming pool where we could make our own food. Kat also lent us her car, so we could go off everywhere.” 


Do you prefer Instant Swapping or Classic/Points Swaps?

“Instant! I like it because it means there is no delay, and the other member is committed to the dates when they are allowing you to use their house. So you haven’t got to go backwards and forwards over various details.”


Why did you start using the Instant Swap feature?

“Because it means that people would be committed. As long as you can go on the dates, it works. We went to Malaga on an Instant Swap with a lady called Heather, and the apartment was great.”


Would you recommend Instant Swapping to others?

“Yes, I’ve always liked it and think it works well! We’re reasonably flexible and our children are well-travelled. I’m also self-employed so it works for me. Instant Swapping is probably our favourite form of swapping, as you know people are going to confirm.”


Have you used home swapping for anything other than vacations?

“My daughter got into the Sorbonne University in Paris last year. The French university system is different to here in the UK, as they don’t provide accommodation. So with swaps we booked a couple of weeks in Paris and I went with her to sort her out. We scoped out the area and helped her register, while having a base to go back to. It was more convenient to stay in a house swap, as we had catering facilities and we were going to the local supermarket. We used some of our Points for it.”



The stunning views surrounding Jill’s ski chalet in France


*Please note, due to the recent Coronavirus update we have paused the Instant Swap feature for now. To read more about this click here


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