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Friends The Reunion: We'll be there for you (our lovely home swappers!)

Suzie Dalton
By Suzie Dalton - 7 minute read

The one where she made friends

For Lexy, the benefits of home swapping go far beyond gaining access to our members’ amazing homes. Because while Lexy has enjoyed some incredible holidays in Scotland and Italy, she’s also made friends with the people who have stayed in her home! Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc could learn a thing or two from this shining example of just how friendly the Love Home Swap community really is! Lexy said: “We’ve met quite a few other members that we’ve swapped with. I think it’s nice to know whose house you’ve been in all week, so we’ve actually been able to make a few new friends!”

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The one where she saved 30,000 Euros through home swapping

Felice & Diarmaid have been committed members of Love Home Swap for the last 8 years, during which time they’ve saved a staggering 30,000 Euros on travel accommodation! Regularly exchanging their lovely homes in County Wexford in Ireland and Malaga in Spain, they’ve escaped the winter weather to travel to Australia’s summer in January and February each year. We caught up with Felice to find out her top tips for securing a successful swap.

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The one where she swapped for the first time

A pandemic didn't get in the way of first-time swapper Sandy sharing her stunning home in Bognor Regis. In-between lockdowns, she and her family headed to Somerset where they stayed in a beautiful house that overlooked the water to Wales – where she has happy memories of drinking fizz in the hot tub! She shared her thoughts on preparing her beautiful home for swapping guests, and her plans for future home swaps to Canada where her son is living.

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The one where she was there for her granddaughter's birth

Like many of our members, UK-based Justine faced the heartache of being separated from her two adult daughters who are based in Australia. With Covid-19 keeping them apart from months on end, she was finally able to reunite with her girls when she swapped her home for a lovely Bondi Beach apartment – just in time for the birth of her youngest granddaughter! Located equidistant between both families, Justine made the most of her home swap in Australia by looking after her grandchildren – before retreating back to balcony of her apartment where she could take in the views of Bondi Beach.

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The one where she travelled the country with her dog

Working from home is great – there’s no commute, and you can wear your slippers while on Teams or Zoom calls. But it can also get a little samey. So Chisara and her dog Sensi changed their scenery with two working-from-home swaps in The Cotswolds and Cornwall! Revealing that she would break up her working day with walks in the countryside or on the beach, Chisara is a huge advocate of combining work with a break. “It was great as we could take a lunch break and then just walk down to the beach,” she recalled.

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The one where they had Christmas on the beach

The traditional Christmas image of snowflakes and roaring log fires couldn’t have been further from Tim’s mind when he exchanged his beautiful Wiltshire home for a trip to sunny Australia. “We had hot food and Champagne, and we went for a swim at the beach!” he recalled. Next up for long-haul fan Tim was a swap to Antigua – we like your style Tim!

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The one where Patti swapped her home for a yacht

For most of the year, Patti is based in Quebec, Canada – but she and her husband Len are avid home swappers! Members of the site for over 10 years, they’ve travelled all over the USA and Europe, and they’ve got various swaps planned for 2021 and beyond. Admitting that they’ve saved thousands of dollars in travel accommodation – including a luxurious week on a private yacht that was moored in the Côte d'Azur – Patti shared her thoughts on exchanging homes with members of the site: “I often hear people say that they are thinking of doing it. We love to travel, and it’s been a really great solution for us. So don’t wait, start now!”

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The one where they travelled the world for 2.5 years

Sick of the 9 to 5, Daniel and his wife Clair gave up their jobs and travelled the world through home swapping. Exchanging their lovely Koh Samui property for homes in Canada, America, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Croatia, Switzerland, Holland and England, they eventually settled in France – where they’re now residing while they plan their next adventure! Passionate advocates of the Love Home Swap experience (and home-schooling their 4 children), the family have made over 60 swaps in more than 16 countries. Next on the agenda? Mexico and South America!

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