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‘Home swapping has added the most interesting places to our travel itinerary’
Meet the Members

‘Home swapping has added the most interesting places to our travel itinerary’

Lydia Altman
By Lydia Altman - 5 minute read

Since join­ing Love Home Swap in 2016, Pat­ti and her hus­band, Len have swapped their beau­ti­ful apart­ment in Que­bec count­less times with our mem­bers around the world. They’ve since trav­elled to many US loca­tions, but have also been fur­ther afield to Europe dur­ing which time they stayed on a stun­ning pri­vate yacht moored at the Côte d’Azur. More recent­ly, Pat­ti has been on her annu­al girls’ week­end in Mon­tréal! We had a chat about her recent home swap­ping endeavours.

Patti Rogers Montreal 1 Love Home Swap

Pat­ti and her girl­friends hav­ing din­ner while in Montréal

When we last spoke to you in December 2020, we were all in lockdown and you’d been forced to delay your travels. Where did you go for your first post-lockdown swap?

I went to Mon­tréal with my girl­friends! The oth­er par­ty in the swap had already vis­it­ed my place pri­or to Covid. My friends and I go away every year for a girls’ week­end, but now that we’re all retired, it can be a girls’ week! We have been doing this for 27 years. We went to Mon­tréal in Cana­da for 3 nights and stayed at a love­ly home in a trendy neigh­bour­hood called Plateau Mont Roy­al. It was near lots of shops and restau­rants and close to down­town. We did the hop-on-hop-off bus tour, and we walked around the old port and took in many great restau­rants. The home was love­ly, and the host was very good.”

We know you travelled extensively before Covid, so was it a shock to be grounded?!

Yes, it was very hard on my hus­band and I, espe­cial­ly not being able to see our chil­dren and grand­chil­dren. We read books, did lots of puz­zles and lots of online shop­ping. We are both retired and want to trav­el as much as we can while we are still healthy and able, so we are excit­ed to get back on our trav­el journey.”

Had you always planned to travel extensively once you were retired?

Yes, but in our last 10 years of work, we also trav­elled a lot and went to Europe, prob­a­bly every 2nd year or so, and we always trav­elled south to Palm Springs in the win­ter for a cou­ple weeks. We used all our vaca­tion days to travel.”

Patti rogers Love home swap 2

Pat­ti enjoy­ing her home swap on a lux­u­ry yacht

Has home swapping made this more achievable?

Yes, it has real­ly added inter­est­ing places to our itin­er­ary that we would have nev­er vis­it­ed. We’ve saved thou­sands of dol­lars for sure. I don’t know how to even put a price on liv­ing in a yacht in the South of France for a week.”

So, where are you planning to go for your next great swapping adventure?

We had to post­pone swaps in Europe until this year, so we are look­ing for­ward to vis­it­ing France and Lon­don. Also, we are vis­it­ing Orange Beach in Alaba­ma in Feb­ru­ary, as our hosts have already stayed in our place ear­li­er this year. Both Orange Beach and the place in France (which is a quaint lit­tle vil­lage) are places that we would have nev­er thought to stay or vis­it, had they not reached out to us. It’s very exciting.”

Where is next on your dream destination list?

We have pret­ty much trav­elled the world, but we do have a list of re-vis­its like Chica­go, Boston and some new places in the States. We always enjoy going to Italy, so we hope to do that again. And there are all those unknown places that come in — we real­ly enjoy these expe­ri­ences that we may nev­er have had if it weren’t for belong­ing to Love Home Swap.”

Since you’ve already had some amazing swapping experiences, we’d love to know what you think makes a good home swapper?

Com­mu­ni­ca­tion is always good. We know first-hand that feel­ing of arriv­ing at a dif­fer­ent air­port that you’re not used to, or dri­ving in an unfa­mil­iar city, so shar­ing infor­ma­tion ear­ly such as direc­tions or how to pick up the key is always help­ful. For some of our swaps, peo­ple have left infor­ma­tion includ­ing how to reach them and lit­tle things like when the garbage day is. Peo­ple usu­al­ly have lots of rec­om­men­da­tions, so there’s some­what of a tour guide ele­ment to it too. I think we’ve done real­ly well with the swaps that we’ve done so far. We’ve gone around the world, and it’s worked out real­ly well for us.”

Do you have any advice for anyone who is thinking of joining Love Home Swap?

Don’t wait to do it. I often hear peo­ple say that they are think­ing of doing it – but don’t wait! We love to trav­el, and it’s been a real­ly great solu­tion for us. So don’t wait, start now!”

Patti Rogers Montreal 3 Love Home Swap 1

Pat­ti and her friends explor­ing Montréal

If you’d like to share your swap sto­ry (and pro­mote your home and swap knowl­edge in the process!) then get in touch with us. We love to hear your trav­el sto­ries about your favourite home swaps – and help oth­er home swap­pers iden­ti­fy some great hol­i­day des­ti­na­tions for their future trav­el buck­et lists! Alter­na­tive­ly, share your swap snaps on our social media chan­nels using #welove­home­swap so that we can like your pics.