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We’re very excited to announce our new feature ‘Instant’– where members can book swaps quicker and easier than ever before. We’ve caught up with Joan, one of our first members to swap using Instant and find out how she found her experience.   

Joan has been a Love Home Swap member for many years and has done an incredible 14 swaps in that time. Joan's first Instant swap was for Neil’s charming cabin in the picturesque Lake District, UK 


“Booking using the instant system took only a few minutes. We saw Neil's fabulous cabin at Coniston Water and the dates suited us. One click and we were booked. Neil contacted me the next day and we exchanged information which was confirmed the day before our visit.  Easy. As easy as booking accommodation through any commercial system online.”


Joan used Instant to swap for Neil’s cabin just 300 yards from the shore of Lake Coniston in the Lake District, UK


What did you like about instant?

"Quick and easy to book"


Do you think you will use Instant more in future?

"Yes, Definitely​"


Enjoying a relaxing afternoon from the comfort of their home swap


When did you first hear about/ discover home swapping?

"About 25 years ago. My sister and her family have done this several times over the years, with other companies who just used classic swapping."


You first joined Love Home Swap in 2017 and have done 14 home swaps in that time. Do you find home swapping allows you to travel more than you would otherwise?

"Definitely. There are so many interesting places to visit, so it makes it easy to select where to go when someone requests a direct swap - we just say 'yes' and discover a new place! Using points has saved us lots of money too. We did a big trip to Canada last year and combined in 3 home swaps."


Joan swaps her character-filled apartment in a converted church in the beautiful area of Cricceith in Gwynedd, North Wales


Out of the 14 home swaps you have done using Love Home Swap, what has been your most memorable one?

"Paris was our first swap and so was special for this reason. The flat we stayed in made us feel like students again and when we returned home every evening, we went to our local pub next door for the cheapest beer in town."


What do you consider the biggest advantage of home swapping over other forms of travel?

"You are being invited into someone’s home. This is a privileged and an act of generosity. This feels very grounded and personal. We feel like we have connected with our hosts even when we have never met them!"


Enjoying the views after a hike near Neil’s home in the Lake District, UK


Do you have any advice for anyone that is thinking of home swapping?

"I would recommend it. The Points System with Love Home Swap has worked well for us and increases the flexibility. We love the instant system."

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