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Meet the Members Monday

Published in Member Stories - February 7, 2014

This week on Meet the Members we hear from Michael & Jan Potter from Barbados...

We put our home on the site in May 2013. We almost cancelled our listing at the end of the trial period - but we're glad we didn't. In 9 months the house has now had over 3800 viewings and we have received 107 swap requests.

We love going to New York and we were delighted to make our first swap with a lovely couple who own a great loft apartment near Soho, our favourite location in Manhattan.

We enjoyed the bright, cold weather at Thanksgiving and they enjoyed some pre-Christmas sunshine and sea air in Barbados. It was perfect.

We are now contacting properties in cities we want to go to this year - like Milan, Rome, Paris and Dublin - and are already setting up some interesting swaps.

We like the fact that both sets of owners will have a mutual interest in taking care of our properties, which is not always the case with rentals. And many of the other owners have very similar outlooks to ourselves.

We think Love Home Swap has great potential and look forward to seeing more great properties on the site.

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