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Recently retired swappers Rosemary and Adrien have been Love Home Swap members since November 2016, and have been on an amazing 5 swaps with us since joining last year. The couple have also hosted at their home in Provence, France 3 times. The couple have always loved travelling the world and meeting members from diverse horizons.

Their last swap, which Adrien describes as their “most memorable”, was made perfect by the people they met. They visited Buenos Aires, Argentina where they stayed in their host Carmen’s Parisian-style home in Palermo Viejo region of the capital. Known for its great food and bars, Carmen describes Buenos Aires as “one big restaurant with streets crossing in the middle” with her area specialising in Italian cuisine and beef grills.

Swapping for a whole month, the property was within walking distance of many cultural attractions that they highlight as a great perk for their stay. “If ever you have the opportunity  to go there, don't miss the attractive museums, such as  National  Museum, Museos de Bellas Artes, Museum  Art Deco,  Museum MALVA (most impressive and contemporary)”

The museums are all walking distance from Carmen’s home, as well as being located right in the middle of the most famous parks of Buenos Aires; Parque de Palermo, in front of the Planetarium, the Buenos Aires Zoo and the lakes of Palermo.

Another recommendation from Carmen Adrien loved was the Tango in the city. “If you are nostalgic  and/or tango addicted, we recommend you the most authentic tango temple "Tortoni", or enjoy a tango show with dinner at Tango Madero (in Puerto Madero we recommend for having spent a delicious evening!)

Adrien described Carmen as enthusiastic, generous and “always ready to help, very positive and so kind!”. It goes to show that having that local knowledge when visiting new places is great for exploring the area to the full. “We could not expect a better host.”

Another great perk during their stay was Carmen’s housekeeper Teresa to help, who was “eager to cook for us local meals and, optionally helping us with washing/drying and ironing.”

As Adrian and Rosemary’s home swap was a points swap, they had the opportunity to meet and spend time with their host. “During our stay, we had the great pleasure to be presented to Carolina, Carmen's lovely (and lively!) daughter and had the privilege to share a dinner with them, spending a memorable time. We already miss them so much, and hopefully find another opportunity to renew this unforgettable experience.”

We wondered whether ditching the guidebook and having a local to give you the best advice made a significant difference to the pair’s travel plans. “Without Carmen and Love Home Swap, we would have certainly missed the best of Buenos Aires!…Thank you again to Carmen and LHS.”


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