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Long time home swapper Amanda has been exchanging her vacation home in Tennessee with Love Home Swap since 2011, and has done an incredible twenty two home swaps in that time. We caught up with her to find out her favourite home swap memories.

From her many home swaps, she has predominantly done domestic swaps in the USA, swapping her holiday home for US destinations like a beachfront apartment in Santa Monica in 2015, an apartment in in heart of the theatre district in Chicago and a penthouse apartment in Soho, New York. In 2016.


We caught up with her this week to see how she first discovered home swapping and how it’s made an impact on the way she travels.


You’ve been a member with us since we first started out back in 2011. How has your experience of home swapping changed the way you travel?

“That tiny little ad that I spotted in the back of a travel magazine in 2011 turned out to be a bigger blessing than I could ever have imagined. I have been to so many amazing places and met a lot of wonderful people.

Traveling with Love Home Swap is different because you are staying in someone's home and it really makes you feel that you are experiencing what it feels like to be part of the community, not just a visitor. Another way that it has changed the way I travel, is that I had not planned to visit some of the destinations that I have. What a fantastic surprise it is when someone offers to swap with you from a place you weren't expecting. It's a great adventure!”

Amanda has done a number of classic swaps using her holiday home in Tennessee, including a swap to Chicago with her friends and taking her daughters to Paris

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You’ve done an amazing 22 swaps through Love Home Swap travelling to many amazing places. What has been your favourite trip so far? 

“Wow! 22! That shows you how much I adore Love Home Swap! All of my swaps have been great, so it's very hard to choose a favourite.

I would have to say that our trip to Ireland last year was really incredible. We stayed in a gorgeous home in Dublin and the family was so helpful and gave us all of the information that we needed. You know what really lasts from travels using home swapping? It's the friendships that you make.

I've been given lovely gifts from some of my guests, sent Christmas cards to others and messaged through the site to welcome someone to their new home in my area.”

Amanda and her daughter The Cliffs of Moher in Ireland from her home swap in Dublin last year

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You’ve travelled using a mix of points and classic swaps, and have hosted using mainly classic swaps. Have you found using points a flexible and useful way to swap?

I think it took a little while for people to become comfortable with the points system. To realize that if they accepted points, they would easily be able to spend them later. I have found it to be a great system and very convenient.


Many home swappers combine home swapping with other ways to travel. How does home swapping fit with other ways you travel and do you use other services like Airbnb, hotels or rental services?

For most of my trips, I check Love Home Swap first. If nothing is available, then I will look at other options.

By checking Love Home Swap for home exchanges first over other accommodation options for vacations, Amanda has been able to take her daughters on holiday to New York City at Christmas time and for some sunshine in Florida for a fraction of the cost of a rental. 

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We're keen to know if you have any future home swap plans lined up, and where would you love to homeswap to that you haven’t already?

As a matter of fact, I am leaving for a swap to Cape Cod, Massachusetts tomorrow! At the end of the summer, I will be going to Paris for a points swap. My next dream destination is Scotland. I would love to experience the beauty of that country!



If you'd like to share your swap story with us either in writing, video or just by sharing some of your swap snaps, email, use the hashtag #WhyWeSwap on Twitter or Instagram, or even post on our Facebook page for your chance to feature on the Love Home Swap blog.

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