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Having met through work, her husband Justin a captain of a superyacht and Brenda an onboard chef, the couple have been fortunate enough to travel the world through their careers. Now with a 4 year old son, the couple (originally from Canada) have settled in Mallorca, one of Spain's Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean sea.

Brenda and Justin have always been keen travellers, and have used other rental services in the past to fund their holidays. Brenda first came across the concept of home swapping when approached by a friend, after the call she decided to investigate further into the idea.

As rules regarding renting out your personal home have become stricter in the Palma area, Brenda found a way of being able to travel more affordably through home swapping without the need to rent her home. Since signing up to Love Home Swap, Brenda has been able to travel to her home to Caroline’s home Antigua for 6 weeks and visit her home country Canada.

Brenda and family’s swap to Antigua


Her most recent trip was to Carolyn’s home in Collingwood, Ontario. A small town situated on the Georgian Bay it’s an idyllic spot to explore Lake Huron, one of the Great Lakes of North America. Brenda mentioned how comforting it was to feel at home whilst on holiday. “We had a lovely bonfire with marshmallows, picked vegetables from the garden, and my 4 year old son loved the toys they so generously organised for him. And I enjoyed the welcome wine and treats.”

She intends to keep in touch with members she has spoken to on Love Home Swap and even made some “friends for life” through the platform. “I hope to keep in contact with Carolyn and she also would be very welcome to stay in our house again as it was in perfect condition on our return.... and even left us a thank you letter with a little plant.”

Brenda's recent trip to Collingwood, Ontario where she is originally from.


In terms of future swaps, Brenda has just set off to Moncao and VilleFranche-sur-mer which are both Love Home Swap swaps. She’s hopeful that she’ll have many more swaps to come as the way people are travelling is changing, “People travel more than they used to”.

Compared to previous rental experiences, Brenda found that home swapping was a truly unique experience. Aside from saving money, she found home swapping has a much more personal feel. “People like the personal touch and contact with the people they are staying with… it’s warmer and it feels more homely. You’re not just putting money on a place, there’s a personal value on yourself as you’re letting people stay in your home”



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