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Carola and Daan have been Love Home Swap members since October 2014 and have so far been on 7 swaps with us in great destinations such as Greece, Italy, Australia, Indonesia and the US. The couple live in Amsterdam, but have two vacation properties – including a rural farmhouse in Rohel, and a gorgeous ski chalet in Switzerland. 

The couple were first attracted to home swapping as having ‘two beautiful homes to share gives us the opportunity to see other places in the world’. The idea of home swapping was also comforting to the couple. As they can ‘explore new places without feeling guilty about leaving your home empty and unused’.

‘We hated staying in hotels as you have less freedom in how to spend your time (for example breakfast is served at specific times etc). Hotels are often tourist places, and doesn’t give you the feel of how the locals live. Staying in a home gives you freedom as well as the feel of the area. Shopping amongst the locals and exploring the local food is great’.

The couple's ski chalet in Switzerland

In April the couple swapped with Gabriel’s beach home in Florida for 6 days. ‘The house was on a beautiful spot along the peninsula. The beaches and shops were all in driving distance and the home was really well equipped’.

‘Every time you go to a new house it is so exciting! There’s always that little question if everything is going to be as you expected, but thanks to good pictures, messaging, and not forgetting reviews from other guests – you get a good sense of what to expect’.

Although the couple save a lot of money through home swapping, it isn’t the main reason they choose to do it. So far, their swaps with other members have turned into long lasting friendships, and they still have contact with many of them.

‘We like to spoil our guests when they come to our houses, so that they feel at home and are treated as VIPs, this gives us a good feeling and you are often welcomed the same way when you go to their place’.

Looking to the future, the couple have no firm plans but are ‘always open for the next trip’. They would love to visit South Africa, particularly Cape Town or somewhere else in the US. One of their best trips of last year was 5 weeks in Australia and Bali which were all swaps and 'was absolutely wonderful’. 

Marie's Bali villa where Carloa and Daan stayed

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