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Edel and Sander from London have been Love Home Swap members since October 2014, and have been on five swaps with us so far! The couple have also hosted at their beautiful West London home six times. Home swapping has become a great way for the family to travel for many reasons… 

'Firstly, we love to travel and Love Home Swap presented us with a diverse range of options we would have never previously considered. For example, one of our first swaps was a lovely weekend spent in Thame, just an hour’s drive from our home – and looking further afield, we recently had a fabulous week in Nairobi, experiencing a safari with our three-year-old'

Having fellow swappers staying in their home whilst the couple are away also means that they know everything will be taken care of…

‘As pet owners, we know that guests will take care of the place, and our cat while we are away. It feels more secure having people take care of both while we are away. Another appeal of going to someone’s home is it’s usually fully equipped with everything we need, particularly for our small children...

Every place we have stayed in so far has had a great character, unlike some of the soulless apartments we have stayed in previously. Finally, the cost savings compared to traditional holidays should not be underestimated’

Most recently the family took a week’s holiday to Nairobi, Kenya, where they stayed at Craig and Joanna’s beautiful safari lodge.

‘Our trip to Ololo lodge in Nairobi was one of our best travel experiences we ever had. We did a points swap with Craig and his lovely wife Joanna, which worked perfectly for us all. Their home was stunning and we were made to feel like a part of the family. Our son had the opportunity to experience a safari up close. We would watch the giraffes walk past while we were having breakfast! Great memories that will stay with us forever!’

 As well as being able to stay in amazing locations, through Love Home Swap, the family were able to save money on their accommodation costs…

‘We would never have considered or have been able to afford such an amazing trip if it wasn’t for Love Home Swap and the points we had accumulated from guests staying in our home over the last few years. But it’s not just about cost savings… for us, it is a much better experience being a guest in someone’s home. You cannot put monetary value on such a positive experience.’

Looking to the future, the family are open to all suggestions, and have welcomed guests from the UK, France, and Australia to their London home, if you fancy a swap to London – get in touch with Edel and Sander here

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