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Having been Love Home Swap members since October 2007, Grahame and Lou have been on some phenomenal swaps with us – 43 in fact! The couple live in a beautiful villa in Kediri, Bali with their teenage son. 

‘I had read an article about house swapping, and simply Googled to see how people did it. Actually, at first I thought the idea sounded a bit strange. There were a few different sites listed, and Love Home Swap appealed as it was the one with the best global focus. The comments by users were really positive, so we jumped in. Living in Bali, we definitely wanted to have contact with people wanting to travel to our part of the world.’

When we asked what he thought were the benefits of home swapping, Grahame said…

‘There are several benefits including financial, which is pretty significant. But I think having travelled a lot for work, we were looking for a more connected style of travel. Exploring neighbourhoods, rather than tourist attractions. Spending longer in one place and being unrushed. But it is very much about where you get to stay. We have swapped with a 10-bedroom castle in Belgium, and a house on the edge of Kruger National Park, complete with zebra and wilder beast grazing at the back door.’

The family’s most recent trip was to New York City, where they stayed at Catherine, Kimberly, and Lucinda’s apartments.

‘We stayed in three different apartments, each wonderful and different from each other. Loved wondering down to our local bar/jazz club (SMOkE) on Broadway on the Upper West Side. Great food, met some locals and enjoyed some fabulous music. We were also amazed to discover that Tom’s Restaurant from Seinfeld fame was just down the street.’

With the money they saved on accommodation, the family were able to go to ‘half a dozen musicals and spent 10 nights in Montreal at the Jazz Festival. Travelling with a teenager is tricky, and he needs his own space and some independence, which having a house helps with’.

Next the family are travelling to Sydney for Christmas, and then a week in the Adelaide Hills in a town called Lenswood. Then next year in July/August, the family will be in Europe on a Points swap for a barge right in the middle of Amsterdam.

The family are also keen to go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland, and are working out dates with their fellow swapper.

If you’d be interested in swapping with Grahame and Lou, get in touch here.


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