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Jane and David have been Love Home Swap members since February 2016 and have so far been on a phenomenal 17 swaps with us so far! The couple spend their time between London and Singapore for work, and have hosted at their London home 25 times! 

‘I was first attracted to home swapping when I did a BBC1 programme several years ago called ‘Home Away from Home’. We filmed a house swap over 4 days and loved it. After I had recommended it on television I had to give it a go.’

As company directors, Jane and David are often travelling for work, so home swapping seemed like a great travel alternative…

‘With my work I’m constantly living out of a suitcase and always prefer the chance of staying in a home rather than a hotel room. I also realised that by joining Love Home Swap, it would cut down my travel expenses considerably for my business as I wouldn’t have to pay for hotels for me and my staff.

As I have my own business, I like to get away often but I am short of time, so long weekends in Europe are the perfect solution. Flights are generally inexpensive and destinations are only a couple of hours from London’.

On their 17 swaps, Jane and David have been to some great destinations including Spain, France, Australia, Portugal, Turkey and the USA.

‘I have now done several trips with Love Home Swap, and I really enjoyed Lagos as it was so convenient to both the beach and the town. The best moments of the trip were lazing on a local beach watching the world go by with my favourite book. The scenery was breath-taking and the locals were so welcoming. It was a wonderful trip where I was completely relaxed. This was a leisure trip instead of business and as the flights were only £90 I treated friend away for the weekend. We had a fantastic time and felt as though we’d had a great rest even though it was four days’.

In the future, Jane and David have plenty of exciting swaps lined up…

‘We have got lots of other swaps lined up and I still have accommodation owing in Paris, Carcassonne, Australia and Finland (I just need to find the time to go). Our next two trips will be a villa in Kalkan in Turket in September, then a trip to Australia in February (we are really excited to stay in Australia as the home has an infinity pool on a hillside and a cinema!)

We currently are looking at trips abroad for Christmas somewhere warm and my dream trip would be the Caribbean or Mexico as I’ve never been there before’.

If you would like to swap with Jane and David, get in touch here

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