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Jennifer and her family have seen the world through fourteen seperate home swapping exchanges.

Jennifer and her family are seasoned home swappers, having swapped their way around the world to an astounding fourteen different destinations. Previous family travels include Japan, Australia and Uruguay and the family hopes for frequent trips to Beijing and Shanghai in the future, as their ten-year-old daughter is studying Mandarin.

Jennifer arranges her trips by swapping her beautiful 3 story home in McMahon Pt, Sydney. Situated on a steep rock along the coastline, the family home provides a picturesque view of the vast ocean harbor below.

Jennifer's previous guests have showered her home with praise. Written reviews note the home's superb city location, modern appliances, plunge pool, and eye-catching design. But, even though the home has been featured in two separate house magazines for its beauty, the thing reviewers talk about most is Jennifer herself.

Finding her a delight to work with, members have commented that Jennifer is friendly, helpful, respectful, efficient, and all around the 'perfect host.'

Want to swap with Jennifer yourself? Check out her lovely Sydney home here. Click here For more information on Love Home Swap, how we work and how you can revolutionise the way you travel this year.

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