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“The heck with it! We've got nothing to lose!" 


Having toyed with the idea since watching The Holiday in 2006, Kasia and Luigi took a leap of faith and tried out Love Home Swap 5 years ago and haven’t looked back since.

Kasia and Luigi first met on a chance meeting on a train in Barcelona. 13 years and 2 kids later, they’re expat entrepreneurs who never left Catalonia and remain passionate travellers to this day.


At first, they had reservations about having complete strangers stay in their home but this soon changed


“when it came right down to it, we'd love to see more of the world… and certainly couldn't be the only ones open to a more comfortable and cost-effective way to travel”


This shift in mindset combined with their hunger for 3 holidays a year spurred Kasia and Luigi to head to google for a solution.


“one weekend we started googling different house-swapping sites. When we came across the professional-looking and user-friendly LHS site with the chance to try out the service for free for two weeks, we said, “The heck with it! We've got nothing to lose!"”


Taking advantage of their free trial, Kasia and Luigi began proactively messaging dozens of families and readily became Platinum members when their free trial lapsed and “don’t regret a single red cent paid to date”.


Kasia and Luigi's home nearby Costa Brava and Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain


When asked what attracted them to Love Home Swap specifically, they said that they

“were dazzled by LHS's clean modern web design, humbled by the amount of stylish homes on offer and impressed by what had all the makings of a premium service with the brilliant and novel option of "swapping for points", not to mention the possibility of getting courtesy airport lounge passes and even enjoying a concierge service ready to help us find and agree our dream trip if we became Platinum members”.


In addition, with two small children, the chance to stay in another family’s child-friendly home was ideal.


“our girls could have enough space to have fun and burn some energy and they might even have ‘new’ toys to play with. Not to mention mummy and daddy could enjoy a full kitchen and we could have meals around a table as a family just as we did back home”


“This, by far, beat any stay we had had previously in rather expensive and somewhat cramped small hotel suites where we ate out for nearly every meal out of pure convenience”.


One of the biggest perks of home-swapping for Kasia and Luigi has been “getting to live amongst the locals, shopping in their supermarkets, eating in their yummy eateries, immersing ourselves in their culture and, at times, even exposing ourselves to a different perspective on life.”


Having swapped numerous times throughout their membership, Kasia and Luigi have taken home more than just precious memories.


“We've made friends with families we've done swaps with through LHS… in a couple of weeks we’re meeting up with a lovely family with whom we did a simultaneous swap just over a year ago”


Some highlights of their trip recent to Copenhagen was spending time in the “cosy hygge environment… cooking away in the snug kitchen and sitting around the table with our daughters enjoying our afternoon tea together or just playing games and doing arts and crafts”. The home they stayed him was “truly a home away from home for us”.

Kasia and Luigi's daughters enjoying the sights on their recent trip to Copenhagen, Denmark


Swapping instead of paying for hotels or renting has saved Kasia and Luigi a great deal of money.

“We know with absolute certainty that home-swapping is low-cost. The costs of home-swapping are basically one’s airfare expenses and, of course the LHS membership fee. When you consider the fact that the average price for a family of 4 to spend 1 night in a hotel is usually over €100, the LHS membership fee isn’t a bad deal at all”


Their next trip to Los Angeles is coming up this summer. “Thanks to LHS, our family’ll be having a true ‘L.A. experience’ with all the comforts of home”



If you'd like to share your swap story with us either in writing, video or just by sharing some of your swap snaps, email, use the hashtag #WhyWeSwap on Twitter or Instagram, or even post on our Facebook page for your chance to feature on the Love Home Swap blog.

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