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Our super swappers Kathryn and Stephen have been Love Home Swap members since February 2014 after being introduced to us by a friend and fellow member… 

‘I was intrigued, it sounded wonderful and she gave me a lot of confidence when I heard all about her positive swap experiences. I began to look into the swapping concept and for me Love Home Swap was the best choice. Friends are always asking about our holidays and I now find myself talking about LHS all the time’. 

Since joining us, the couple have been on five trips with us, in great locations such as Australia, Canada, and Spain. Their latest trip was to the Grenadines where they spent 8 weeks in the sun staying at Suzanne’s luxury Carribbean villa.

‘The major difference for us is that we feel we have ‘lived’ in the destination not merely past through a few tourist sites. Of course, another major benefit is that we have stayed in properties that would be totally off budget, for example a penthouse overlooking Sydney Opera House, and a Caribbean villa with a view to die for’.

On their trip to the Grenadines, the couple were able to invite their closest friends to stay with them which was ‘very special’. Having visited during the island’s annual 3-day music vestival ‘gave a great vibe’ to their trip and the island.

‘Waking each morning to the most wonderful sea view was amazing…We discovered where the best fresh lobster was caught, we met the fisherman, negotiating the price was great fun and we went back time and time again for the daily catch. The beaches and the fabulously warm sea was wonderful and a trip to Mustique aboard the sailing ship Friendship Rose was truly memorable’.

Swapping homes has been beneficial for Kathryn and Stephen for two reasons, the first being that they can stay in properties ‘that would probably be off budget if they could be priced’. And the second was that the funds they saved swapping allowed them to extend their time away which ‘gave us the opportunity to really explore.’

Their next trip which they are close to finalizing will be to Tasmania and Melbourne, which will be their longest swap at 5 weeks, and then a further month to discover more about this part of the world.

‘My final comment would be to say that it is vital to be proactive, reach out and communicate with members. With this approach we have been amazed at how easy it has been to agree swaps even from the other side of the world. There is no doubt that LHS has taken us to places that ordinarily we might still be just thinking of visiting. We have discovered that swapping creates a whole new concept to travel. We no longer feel like a tourist but more of a traveller’. 

Take a look at Kathryn and Stephen's property here.

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