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Meet the Members

Meet the Members: Kathy & Adam from Singapore

Ellena Morgan
By Ellena Morgan - 3 minute read

‘When my partner and I first moved across to Singapore for work, we suddenly found friends and family wanting to stay with us. I realised then how popular a destination Singapore was for travellers, both for business and pleasure’

After finding Love Home Swap, the couple decided to sign up – that was back in December 2014, and since then they have been on 9 swaps so far, to places such as Indonesia, France, Australia and Thailand.

‘I decided to look for a home swapping website that provided a platform for others who were happy to share their home like we were. I found Love Home Swap and joined immediately as the annual fee was very accessible and a small outlay for the benefits’.

Back in April 2017, Kathy and Adam took a trip to Robbert’s stunning Bali villa, where they spent 4 days relaxing by the pool, enjoying the peaceful surroundings and indulging in massage treatments. This was the second time that the couple had stayed at the villa.

‘With Love Home Swap, we are able to stay in huge homes with pools, in great locations and often places we never previously considered because of limited hotels in the area or the price being out of reach’.

Through Love Home Swap, the pair have managed to save a lot of money on accommodation, which meant they could spend it on other things…

‘With the money saved we can then see more of the destination, spend more on shopping or food or enjoy keeping the money to cover flights for our next home swap. The most meaningful experience for us this time in Thailand was we brought two friends and shared the accommodation as there was lots of room. This cost nothing to us and the memory making priceless.’

Looking to the future, the couple would love to go to Italy or France during the warmer months, so if you’d be interested in swapping – get in touch here.