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Recently one of our home swappers Kathy spoke to Coast FM about her experience home swapping. We wanted to catch up and see what home swaps Kathy has been on recently and how home swapping can help Australians and New Zealanders travel more and further.

Kathy, her husband and her two daughters first started home swapping with Love Home Swap back in 2015.  They home swap their stunning holiday home in the coastal town of Kaikoura, on the South Island of New Zealand.

Their first ever home swap was a Classic swap to a charming home in Auckland and since then, they’ve done over 25 home swaps. These have been mainly in their home country of New Zealand and nearby Australia, but also to Barcelona, London, Washington DC, Paris, and Bali.


Kathy and her partner on their most recent home swap for the Sunshine Coast


Kathy recently spoke about her home swapping experiences on an Australian radio show Coast FM’s property week.


When asked what the appeal of home swapping was, Kathy mentions that it gives her “the ability to have cost-effective, exciting holidays and immerse in different communities overseas”.


The radio show host was interested in finding out more about how to get involved and what platform Kathy was using, “We use Love Home Swap. They’re across the whole world, which is why it’s good for people like us. There’s lots of people in New Zealand but also Australia and all the rest of the world. You can swap everywhere which is why it’s not limited and why we like it so much.”


Kathy’s holiday home in Kaikoura, New Zealand

Kathy did some research online and read up about the concept, and as many people do debate the worries of letting someone into your home. “The good thing about it [home swapping] is that everyone else has a home onsite and have invested their home in the same way you have.”

We wanted to catch up since her interview to find out what she’s been up to and how home swapping has changed the way she and her family travel.


How did you find your latest home swap?

To find our swap to Noosa, used the LHS (Love Home Swap) search tool to explore our options up and down the Sunshine coast. We sent a few messages to owners of homes that matched our needs and within the day, we had a response from Sarah in Noosa! We were off to the Sunshine coast!


What made you decide to visit the Sunshine Coast?

Our family loves the Sunshine Coast for balmy temperatures, beautiful surroundings, beaches and surf! Given it is only a few hours from NZ, we can easily squeeze in quick midwinter getaway, even if we only a week.


Who did you do the home swap with?

Our swap was with Sarah from Sunrise Beach, and her 2 bedroom apartment close to the beach was perfect. A great base to explore and enjoy the area from.


What was your favourite part of the swap?

We loved walking the beaches, the lovely local cafes, markets and the amazing national parks. The surf was great again this trip for my daughter. We love having lots of activities on our doorstep!

What swaps do you have planned next?

We are going back to Noosa in October to do more of the same and there are always new activities to find. Then, in November we are heading to do a few days in Auckland, swapping for the third time with the same couple. We’ve forged some awesome friendships with people we’ve swapped with along the way - which has made it so much fun!


Why do you think home swapping is great for Australian and New Zealand homeowners?

Swapping is great for NZ and Australia as opens up the world to us for great experiences and keeps the costs down.


Do you feel that you’re able to travel more or further afield (i.e. like Europe or USA) more now that you home swap?

We went to Europe last year and did three swaps! This was an easy way to finance our lengthy trip explore parts of Europe - given we saved on accommodation, we could spend more on experiences with our family!


What do you enjoy about hosting home swappers? Do you feel it’s different to hosting those who are renting?

We love hosting swappers, it’s definitely a different vibe to renting or Air Bnb. It’s about giving our visitors a taste of our home in Kaikoura, with all its wonderful nature and sea creatures to be enjoyed. We always make sure our house is easy and comfortable for our swappers, so they can have a wonderful time in paradise. 


What advice would you give home-owners who are considering home swapping?

Sign up and get going, this is the best way to travel. We love home swapping

We have a few swaps coming up, back to the Sunshine  Coast and then to Fraser island, with a local NZ Auckland trip in the middle. So exciting! We love the home swapping world, living the dream!



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