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Katie and her husband have been Love Home Swap members since March 2014, and since joining us have been on a phenomenal 23 swaps across the world. The family first heard about home swapping through a newspaper article, and thought that it was a great way of utilising their second home in London

‘I had read a newspaper article about home swapping and was intrigued. We had a second home in London that we were no longer using very often but didn’t want to sell it. Renting it would mean we couldn’t enjoy it so swapping seemed a great idea.’

Not only did home swapping save the family money, but staying in a home was more comfortable and convenient – meaning they had more space and more insider knowledge from their fellow home swappers.

‘Obviously the costs are greatly reduced so an instant winner. Staying in a home is so much more comfortable and cosy than in a hotel or rental. The homes are always way better kitted out than any holiday let or hotel. You usually have lots more space. I have found that the swapping owners give so much more in depth travel hints for the locality then you would find otherwise. We have met some truly great people while we have swapped and several have become good friends. I love the sharing community. I also prefer that my house isn’t empty for long while we can no longer make good use of it.’

Most recently, Katie stayed at Pat’s beautiful home in Menorca …

‘This most recent trip was lovely. We stayed with the owners at their home in Menorca. We had met before in Barcelona when I stayed with my daughter and we all just hit it off. Pat and Jean Pierre had invited another couple round for dinner so we had a lovely evening sitting by the sea, totally relaxed, eating fabulously cooked food, enjoying lovely wine and in our small group we had a representative from England, Scotland. France, Spain, Italy and Switzerland. We had great discussions on many topics, but to discuss for example Brexit with such as wide range of interested people was a real eye opener’.

Home swapping has also meant that Katie and her family can take their holidays further…

‘Home swapping certainly means you have more money to spend on other things. We previously went to Mauritius on a swap. As we had a ‘free’ week we felt able to push the boat out and stay at a very luxurious hotel for another week. Spreading the cost of that one week across the whole holiday did make it more palatable!’.

In the future, Katie and her family are off to the USA for 2 swaps, and are looking to plan many more for next year…

If you’d like to swap with Katie, get in touch here.  

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