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Marilyn has been a Love Home Swap member since September 2015, and has been on ten swaps with us so far, as well as hosting at her beautiful home on the Isle of Wight a further ten times. She first heard about home swapping through a friend, and decided to join up when she found out how much she could save on her family holidays. 

‘A friend had been doing it for a while and I took on the idea when I was looking to go away with my girls and another family and other options seem silly expensive! And so, I joined – that was two years ago and I haven’t looked back!’

Home swapping has taken Marilyn and her three daughters to some amazing destinations, such as Italy, Norway, the UK and Sri Lanka.

‘Both as a family and as a grown up exploring cities alone or with friends, I have since enjoyed weekends away in Oxford and Bath, weeks exploring different parts of London, Rome and more recently a family holiday to Norway – always somewhere I had longed to go but never thought I could afford!’

Whilst in Norway, Marilyn stayed at Karen’s beautiful mountain retreat in Evje og Hornnes…

‘Karen got in touch after I had favourited her place and then… wow, we actually got to Norway! Karen’s place in the mountains was awesome. The views were amazing! The best bit, the views and then we all agree it has to be white water rafting down the local river! The money we saved on accommodation was definitely well spent making this family memory!’

In the future, Marilyn plans to travel to Amsterdam and Barcelona…

‘Our next adventure with Love Home Swap will hopefully be Amsterdam as a family and for me some Mum time in Barcelona’

If you’d like to swap with Marilyn, get in touch here. 

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