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Marty and family have been Love Home Swap members since October 2015, and found that using their two vacation homes in Idaho, USA meant that they could travel more and cut the cost on their trips. 

“Using my vacation home as a source of exchange so I can visit other areas at little or no cost seems like a great way to get more out of the ski condo that I already own”

Most recently Marty, along with a friend took a Points trip for four days to Shannon’s beautiful home in Portland, Oregon.

“We were able to easily walk to dinner and enjoy the local pubs and shops. It made for a very easy shopping weekend getaway”.

Having saved money on accommodation, the two were able to splurge on extras during their weekend visit.

“Since we were not paying for a hotel, we did feel we could splurge on some extra nice souvenirs and meals. My friend brought home some long coveted art pottery that she cannot find in our own town, and I stocked up on some great finds at IKEA (which is not available in my small town)”

After their swap, Marty was contacted by another Love Home Swap member who was interested in swapping their vacation condo in Sun Valley. Funnily enough, the swap family is from Marty’s home town, so they set up a Points swap.

In the future the family are looking to use their points for a trip to the UK.

“Just after I got home from my first trip, I was contacted about swapping my vacation condo in Sun Valley. It turns out the swap family is from my home town. Since I don’t need a house swap in the same town, we set up a Points deal. It will be super handy that we can just meet for a coffee to hand off the keys and instructions. I am looking forward to using the Points I earned for a trip to the UK with my mother and sister. We are hoping to secure a swap or Points exchange to make the trip more affordable and comfortable for all of us.”

If you’d be interested in a swap with Marty and their family – get in contact today.   

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