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Melissa and her mom Shannon love travelling the world together, and have been Love Home Swap members since November 2016.  Having being raised to travel, Melissa loves the authentic experiences that home swapping provides. 

‘I was raised travelling, and I always enjoyed a more authentic experience, where you really see the culture. I figured staying in others’ homes would help achieve this. Also – the savings on a stay allows you to extend trips and spend elsewhere.’

Melissa lives in sunny Florida, in a beautiful waterfront home one mile away from the ocean – with dolphins, manatees and sailboats passing by daily. Having practised yoga for 12 years, she loves holding international yoga retreats – and enjoys meeting new people and sharing her home.

So far, Melissa has been on 7 swaps with us, in great locations such as Cyprus, Peru, South Africa, Costa Rica, Vanuatu, France and Bulgaria.

‘I would say almost every swap I have done has been more special than a hotel stay. Love Home Swap has some very beautifully unique homes, and it’s incredible to see how others live and design their homes. I also enjoy getting to know the home owners on a more personal level, and making friends in some cases as well.’

Thanks to home swapping, Melissa and her mom have been able to holiday more often and for longer…

‘I am able to stay much longer and not think about my spending! If you find a great home, you are also tempted to cook there, which is another way of saving!’

Looking to the future, Melissa has four more swaps in the pipeline to some great locations like Tobago, South Africa, Mozambique, and Costa Rica.

‘I travel all the time, and my first choice is always a swap if it’s possible!’

If you’d be interested in swapping with Melissa, get in touch here

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