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“I really enjoy opening my email and seeing that a trade request has come in because you never know where it might take you if you are open.”

Since first joining the site in 2016, Mila has done 20 home swaps in some spectacular destinations like HawaiiParisLondonMexico and most recently her luxury home swap in Hollywood

“This year alone, we've gone to a cabin in Idaho, a gorgeous house on the water ion the California coast, a West Village apartment, a modern farmhouse in the Hudson Valley, Montmartre in Paris, a townhouse in London, a luxury villa in Hawaii, a beach pad in Santa Cruz, a fancy resort in Belize, Los Angeles (twice), and this summer we'll be heading to a modern spread on the water in the San Juan Islands.” So just a few swaps, to say the least.

The main attraction for Mila to swapping was the social aspect of the whole experience “Swapping is an adventure! And it's a wonderful way to meet people.” One particular time that stood out for these swappers was a recent trip to the UK.

“When we went to London, we were greeted by our host's friend with the key to the house. After chatting a while, she invited us to the pub with a group of neighbourhood friends.  We ended up having dinner with this gang and another dinner later in the trip and by the time we went home, she was offering a room in her home to our college kids should they ever come to London.”

The home Mila swapped her Nappa Valley home with in South London


When asked what makes home swapping different to other ways to holiday, Mila believes it’s all down to the type of person home swapping appeals to.

“This mode of travel attracts like-minded people who are hospitable, adventurous, warm, chatty, open, and generous.  I now have text and email conversations with former hosts because we spent so much time getting to know each other via email before and during our trips. We are Facebook friends and I am up on their lives. I've traded twice with the same couple in New York City and we have exchanged parenting experiences, photos, gifts, a car. She leaves me flowers and chocolate and I give her baby clothes and kids' books. We give leave each other restaurant gift certificates. We have talked a lot, yet we have never actually met. These relationships have enriched our travels.”

“We get a lot of swap requests because we have a home in Napa Valley. I really enjoy opening my email and seeing that a trade request has come in because you never know where it might take you if you are open. In the last few days I've heard from people in Iceland, Barcelona, Florida, and Ireland.  We wouldn't have gone to Belize this year if these invitations hadn't come in over the transom.”

Having visited all these incredible places, we wanted to hear what Mila’s favourite swap to date is. And to our surprise, it was one of the more spontaneous of her trips.

“My favorite adventure I think was the definitely one I wouldn't have considered, the cabin in Idaho. I'd never been there and it is absolutely gorgeous. We hiked every day in state and national parks, took an overnight to Yellowstone, ate huckleberry ice cream (a local favorite), and met wide-smiling, friendly folks everywhere we went. All that thanks to an email.”

"Our host directed us to have lunch in Driggs at the small, private airport. She told us that the food was good, that it was fun to watch the planes take off and land, and that there is a small museum of interesting planes off the dining room. To sweeten the pot, Harrison Ford often eats lunch there because he supposedly finds Jackson's airport less appealing (we did not see Indy). We would never have had this adventure, and several others, without our host's recommendation.”

The charming cabin Mila and family stayed at in her most spontaneous trip to Idaho.


“Friends ask me if we worry about our belongings being in the care of strangers. We don't because we can tell before we trade if our partners are like-minded. Everyone has taken great care of our home and we've saved a ton of money in travel to some expensive locales. We have also used points to get to places where we didn't have a direct swap. “

“A couple from Morocco wanted to stay in our house, but I had been to their city recently for work, so I wasn't up for returning so soon. They used their points to arrange a stay in a super-luxury resort for us in Bali. For 10 days, we stayed in what would have been a $1,000/night hotel, splashing about in our own private pool. Yes, sometimes resort owners are on the site. I've swapped for wonderful resorts twice.” 

“Home swapping isn't for everyone. If you are anxious or squeamish about having strangers in your home, or want everything to be just so, you may not be the home swapping type. But for those of us who are, it's an amazing, adventure-filled, nuanced, warm and open way to see the world.”


If you're feeling feeling a bit ‘squeamish’ about the idea of home swapping and want to talk all things through with us, get in touch today. We're always happy to help answer your questions. 

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