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Pauline is a fairly new member to the site, having joined summer of 2017. In that time, Pauline has done her first swap with us where she traded city for countryside. 

“As a family we travel quite frequently and I often found myself looking for adjacent rooms or apartments that provide a little more space. Unfortunately there are only a few hotels that properly cater for family needs. Some countries and cultures do it better than others, but then again the type of accommodation is either not my style, or way too expensive.”

At first Pauline felt a bit apprehensive about home swapping, “I remember having doubts about swapping at first, but I guess you can tell so much from the communication style of other home swappers. We've swapped homes with (friends of) friends and completely strangers now. But it never felt like that.”

There are many reasons why you may choose to home swap, however Pauline says there’s one thing that ties all members together, and that’s openness to travel. “Home swappers are a wonderful crowd! You have to invest a little and have to be a bit more flexible with regards to the location, arrival and departure time. Just bear in mind that they are probably concerned about the same stuff that you are”.

Leaving their city pad and family home in Amsterdam behind, the Pauline and family swapped for somewhere more peaceful in the town of Bergen in North Holland. 

“We live in the centre of Amsterdam, which can be a crowded place. Besides the lovely town of Bergen, that I adore, the best thing about the swap was spending time around the house really. We took long walks in the woods nearby and went to the beach. The kids loved exploring the big garden and there were a lot of toys for them to play with! The host took very good care of us, lend us their bikes and left a lovely bottle of wine for us in the fridge. How kind, right?”

We wondered what the biggest perk of home swapping is in comparison to other ways of holidaying, “The biggest joy of home swapping is the money you (can) save on breakfast, lunch and dinner. After a long day with children, I find it very relaxing to have a home cooked dinner.”

This was Pauline’s first swap with us, so we wanted to know what future plans she and her family have planned, “We do have another swap lined up. We'll go skiing in Switzerland during the Christmas break, which is a lovely surprise as we had planned to stay here initially. I would love to spend a summer in Canada soon, or take the kids on another city trip in Europe. There's so much to choose from!”


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