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Skye, Russell, and their young daughter have been part of Love Home Swap since August 2014. The family live in a beautiful villa south of Bali, but have three properties which they swap with. Sky and Russell first heard about the concept of home swapping through a friend, and after Googling the idea, decided to join up to LHS. 

‘We have a toddler so the majority of places we swap tend to have kids also which means toys and a similar outlook to our homes and to travel. You often get a more local experience swapping with people’s homes as they are always keen to give you their scoop on what is around and the best things aren’t always on TripAdvisor! Our latest swap in Provence had an amazing river nearby that was great for swimming even for our toddler and wasn’t on any tourist guide.’

In July 2017, Russell and Skye swapped with Tea’s beautiful villa in Bora Bora for their honeymoon and it was above and beyond what they expected…

‘Simply stunning, pure relaxation and we will be back at some point. I have a boating background so the idea of a little tinny to run around the lagoon in our own schedule without having to take expensive tours was a huge draw card. We fell into a nice routine of a morning explore to a new snorkel location, lunch somewhere nice on the mainland, a quick shop to pick up some fresh fish for the fire-pit BBQ, and then we’d race home to enjoy the tranquillity of the island and sunset drinks at the end of the jetty.’

‘Sitting at the end of the dock with my wife and a glass of wine, watching the sun go down and feeding the fish some stale bread with our daughter is the eternal memory I’ll have of this swap. Getting in the little run-about boat and exploring the lagoon on our own time frame was pretty special also. Buying freshly caught tuna from the fisherman just in from the sea and getting the fire-pit going after sunset and eating it fresh off the grill plate rounds out the top 3 memories. My daughter’s would be putting on the head torch and hunting crabs after dark’.

Most recently the family completed a week swap in Somerset, England for a wedding, and spent a further 2 weeks in Provence, France. Next year they are looking at a ski chalet in Japan as the next trip in February or possibly the beach in Portugal for next summer. Looking to 2019, they are eyeing up central America.

If you’d like to swap with Skye and Russell, get in touch here

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