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Emmanuelle, Stephane and their two young sons have been Love Home Swap members since February 2013, and live in a beautiful seaside home in Brittany, France. The family first heard about Love Home Swap whilst browsing on another website which they are members of. 

‘I noticed there were many gorgeous houses and especially in the UK, which is a destination we fancy. We went for the free trial, and as we got an interesting swap offer a few hours after, we signed up.’

Having two small children, there were many benefits to home swapping…

‘The benefits are numerous, you’ll find the same comfort and level of equipment as at home, including everything to entertain children. You have much more space than if you were renting out a cottage. You can save money by travelling out of weekends. You get some great local tips and you sometimes get to know nice people! No need to mention the benefits in terms of money!’

Having been on 14 swaps with us so far, the family have had some great memories from swapping.

‘Amongst our best memories, I would mention our very first swap with LHS. It was to this huge, gorgeous house in the Cotswolds. When Rose, the owner, replied that she was interested in a stay in our much simpler house, we thought it might be a joke or that there was something wrong. On the night we arrived we counted out how many sofas were in the house – 15! Another incredible thing are the two swaps we managed to find in Mauritius.’

In the future, the family have two more swaps lined up…

'Since we’ve got into home swapping (and thanks to it) we’ve visited most of the countries that were on our wish list. So we are running out on ideas. May be Norway, Bali or Italy (Rome/Venice).'

If you’d be interested in swapping with Emmanuelle and Stephane, get in touch here

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