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Having only been members since March 2017, Lucia and Guglielmo and their two small children are relatively new to Love Home Swap. However, they have been on two trips with us so far to the UK and Spain. Originally from Italy, the couple moved to Prague around 6 years ago, where they live in this gorgeous apartment. 

“We really love our new city, and we love our flat, which was entirely designed by my husband, who is an architect’

The thought of leaving their flat empty in one of the most visited cities in Europe was ‘a bit of a shame’. So the couple turned to Love Home Swap as a new way to travel.

‘As we are always trying to look for similar accommodation in the cities we visit, we thought it would be nice if we could offer our own home to someone looking for a place to stay in Prague. We thought to join Love Home Swap to save money and share experiences. Love Home Swap is the perfect way to offer other people the opportunity to enjoy our home and our wonderful city and allow us to do the same.’

The idea of staying in an actual home appealed to the family too, as they often found hotel rooms to be ‘cold and impersonal, whilst Love Home Swap flats are always beautiful and well cared for, with particular attention to sustainability and footprint of urban areas as well as the functionality and comfort. In one word, ‘home’.

Most recently the family travelled to Madrid where they stayed in Stephen’s central apartment.

‘The flat is located in a lovely building in the city centre. I loved to see my children playing with the toys we found there and taking care of their room as if it was theirs! They asked me so many things about the owner, as for them sharing toys is considered to be the maximum expression of friendship!’

During their stay in Madrid, the family spent a day at ‘Madrid Río’ where they rented a bike for 4.

‘We really enjoyed this recreational and cultural area. My husband and I loved the Matadero reconstruction and all the new architectural buildings and bridges, while our kids loved the playing areas. Overall an amazing experience!’

With the saved through home swapping, the family were able to take a three day trip to Asturia, a region in the north of Spain called the ‘green island’.

In the future the family are planning a trip to the north of Czech Republic in September.

‘I’m really looking forward to it as we will have the opportunity to experience how it is to live in a typical Czech house in the countryside!’

The family are also on the search for a flat in Oxford or London for mid July – so if you fancy a trip to Prague, get in contact today… 

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