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As a trusted travel club, community is important to us over here at Love Home Swap and we know it is to you too. You guys want to know who you're swapping with, so we went and found out, with some interesting results…

Home exchange provides the ultimate solution for travelling en masse, and particularly with young children, so it should come as no surprise that over 53 percent of you guys are travelling through Love Home Swap as a family.

When we say family, the Love Home Swap members are all inclusive too - over half of you are happy for guests to bring the family pets along too, with Paris polling in as our most pet-friendly city.

While we have plenty of homes in the club on our home turf, the US and France are dominating the UK in the listings stakes. The US is currently our biggest market, with more than 10,000 of our homes across the pond.

Where gender is concerned, the women are outstripping the men quite considerably. In a recent survey Love Home Swap ran, we found that more than two-thirds of our members are women and the average age of a Love Home Swapper is 45.

When it comes to day jobs, we also got some interesting insights - some of which might go some way to explaining the high level of luxury homes on the site.

We've got chairmen, CEOs, architects and even one member who describes himself as 'a man strangely obsessed with doors'. What's remarkable though is more than one in ten Love Home Swap members on LinkedIn are directors (14 percent). From account directors and sales directors, to creative directors and theatre directors - they're all home swapping through us.

You're an entrepreneurial bunch too. A similar proportion of swappers (13 percent) describe themselves as a current or former founder, owner or co-founder of a business.

Love Home Swap isn't short on manager members either. More than a tenth of members have 'manager' in their title also (11 percent).

Just like the homes listed on the site, although we have members of all 'shapes and sizes' as it were, there are some definite trends, see what they were in our word cloud:

When it comes to swapping the club is committed too. A recent survey we conducted revealed 90 percent of you are intending to swap in 2015. Homes aren't the only thing many of you are sharing either. As a proponent of the 'sharing economy' in the UK, we were keen to find out how many of you were engaged with other sharing services.

More than half the club use other sharing platforms in their day-to-day lives - including transport services like Zipcar, other travel services like Airbnb and even pet sharing services like Borrow My Doggy.

What did seem clear is that as homeowners and sharers, many of you are thinking about travel a little less conventionally these days. While half of our survey said they swap with a specific destination in mind, the other half are truly open to offers and take the opportunities as they go - a pretty harmonious mix we think.

So that's what the Love Home Swap club, generally speaking of course, look like. For a more specific idea about who our members are and what their home-swapping experience has been like, head over to the Meet the Members section on the blog.

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