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Points was first launched on-site in November 2013, and thousands of trips have been planned since then. More trips are possible by using your home to earn you points, instead of needing to find someone to swap with you when and where you want to travel. Maryann and her family were one of the first members to book and travel on a Points trip. She told us about her Points holiday and her Love Home Swap experience so far.

"I joined Love Home Swap in December as I stumbled across it looking for a place to rent in Dubai (we live in Saudi Arabia at the moment, so we were looking for a nearby trip.) When I found the swap idea and specifically the Points, I was so excited at how this could change our cost of traveling. I immediately signed up as we have a home in the States that is open for large parts of the year and we are happy to have people stay there. We also have four kids and the cost of two hotel rooms or an apartment when we're on holiday gets so expensive.

"Within a week, we decided to forget Dubai and go on a ski holiday in France instead with a home we were able to get through Points. The extra money we didn't spend on accommodations we could spend on skiing and having fun!

"The points are awesome because of the flexibility! I think once people get used to the idea, it should take off incredibly. People we have talked to through the site about swaps do seem a little hesitant as it is new, but that is like anything. If it means anything, I'm telling everyone I talk to online as well as my friends about how awesome the program is. I think it will just continue to spread and grow.

"We love it, appreciate it, and look forward to many more swaps in the future!"

Maryann also gave us some great feedback on using the Points system, including how we manage our members' availability and trip requirements. We are happy to let her know that many of her suggestions have been incorporated into the site and were launched with the recent improvements.

Check out the homes around the world that are available for mid year trips on Points.

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