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"Every place I have been to via Love Home Swap has resulted in surprises and hidden attractions. The latest property was so different from my typical beach existence - the French Alps and staying in a chalet. I loved every minute of it"

Deborah swaps her beach house in Tybee Island, Georgia - which has taken her all over the world, including swaps to London, Vienna, France and Brazil. "I put 'anywhere' as my dream destination" she tells us, "I like the surprise of responses from all over the world".

Surprises are something she and her family have seen plenty of since they joined Love Home Swap too, "Everyplace I have been has resulted in surprises and hidden attractions," says Deborah, "The latest property was so alien to my typical beach existence - the French Alps and staying in a chalet. I loved every minute of it".

True to the typical swapper mentality, the joy of the experience for Deborah is about those unexpected extras, although she also tells us we've saved her thousands.

"I have had to watch people's cats before which is great because I love cats!" she tells us, "It's much better to stay in a home and meet the neighbours and be part of a neighbourhood".

She also loves sharing her own little slice of heaven with others, "I worried what the people who I swapped with would think of Tybee Island, Georgia since they were from London. Turns out anyone who comes here loves it and I love sharing it with them" Deborah says.

For Deborah, who uses her second home to swap, the community element of Love Home Swap is what she really values when it comes to making the most of her holiday home. "When you rent, you never know who will show up," she explains, "This process allows me to screen the profiles. Also, the people you swap with realize you will be showing up at their home and both owners have skin in the game so to speak".

This isn't the only benefit of the community either, "you're always meeting new people. I keep in touch with the people I have swapped with" says Deborah. "Knowing that the other side has paid to be on this site weeds out undesirable swaps" she adds.

With, by her own admission, such an open mind and adventurous spirit, it's no surprise Deborah and Mike have more swaps to come, including Brazil in February and Tennessee in July.

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