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'Gosh - having done 6 swaps, totalling 14 months - we've saved tens of thousands of pounds'

'We chose to stop using traditional holiday accommodation and instead leverage our biggest asset - our home' internet entrepreneurs Greg and Fiona explain, on their decision to break from the status quo and embrace what they call the Laptop Lifestyle. 'We figured that connecting with other like-minded families, we could explore new horizons for weeks on end, without breaking the bank' they added, 'Also it helps us uphold the personal brand we established when we wrote our best-selling book Living a Laptop Lifestyle'.

So far Greg and Fiona have travelled extensively through Australia, the USA, Europe and more recently, Mexico - never taking a swap lasting less than six weeks 'That gives us a ton of time to fully explore a new destination, get to know our way around, do all the touristy things' they say, along with balancing work, of course.

Along the way they've made plenty of new discoveries in their new homes, 'that's the best thing about having the local knowledge of our fellow exchangers,' Greg and Fiona tell us 'they know the best restaurants, best local shows, the best local markets, the best supermarkets, the best tourist attractions and the best deals'.

And that last part ties into what they - and most of our swappers now we think about it - identify as the stand-out benefit of home-swapping: that ubiquitous £2000+ saving per trip. 'Without a doubt the biggest benefit is the cost saving,' the couple confirm 'plus we can prepare our own meals so eat more healthily than if we were staying at a resort. Also, as we rely on the internet to run our business we find most home owners have a much better internet connection than big hotels - and, of course, it's included'.

So how much do these regular swappers reckon they've saved? 'Gosh - having done 6 swaps, totalling 14 months - we've saved tens of thousands of pounds' they say.

As if the cost savings and the worldwide discoveries weren't enough to make the couple's lifestyle change worthwhile - right from the beginning swapping also had some incredible, unanticipated perks for these two. 'Our first swap was for three months in Australia, and as we hadn't seen our parents for 2 years at that point,' Greg and Fiona explain, 'we were able to fly them out for a visit and a holiday of their own (with permission of course). That was hugely rewarding"

With such great experiences under their belt already, we're happy to report Greg and Fiona show no signs of stopping on the swapping, with a trip to Sydney planned this month, only just finishing up an incredible trip to Mexico.

Thailand, Japan, Spain and Italy are all next on their radar, but anywhere there's sea is good by them. Fancy sending them a swap request? You can see their London pad right here.

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