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'Feeling like you are the temporary owners of that house during your stay provides you the real experience of what it may be like to live and own a home in that particular area of the world. This is something a hotel could never provide' - Joseph Demeri, Love Home Swap member

 On a home swap vacation in Monte Carlo

We love to hear your stories about your travels and experiences through the Love Home Swap club. This week we talked with CEO Joseph and his family who swap their holiday home in Southampton, New York.

Their luxurious home, remodelled in 2014, has allowed this family to travel the world - including to homes in destinations such as Paris, Rome, New York, Marbella, Nice, Monte Carlo and Miami.

Joseph and his family have made significant savings through home swapping, estimating around $180,000 in total, yet this isn't the reason him and his family do it. Rather, it's about the opportunity and the experience home exchange offers. 'What we value about Love Home Swap is experiencing home ownership in these destinations,' Joseph tells us, 'sharing experiences with other swap members and developing long term friendships'.

And the luxury element is an extra hook for this family, whose home in Southampton is about as luxurious as they come 'The houses we have stayed in were all very luxurious,' says Joseph, adding 'each and every one of our hosts was fantastic and extremely accommodating'.

The pool area of their beautiful home in the Hamptons

One of the added bonuses for this family of our luxury listings is the size of many of these properties - a must for this family of eight. 'Staying in large luxurious houses affords us the ability to keep our large family together when traveling as opposed to separate hotel rooms' says Joseph, 'and although I had the luxury of visiting these locations before, the ability to use Love Home Swap and share these destinations with my family that otherwise would be more difficult and costly makes Love Home Swap special'.

Some of the experiences Joseph has managed to share with his family through home exchange have been truly extraordinary too, 'My favorite so far has to be our summer 2014 trip to visit London, South France, Monte Carlo and small parts of Italy with my family of eight,' Joseph says, 'our visit to Canterbury resulted in meeting a local historian professor at one of the pubs. He shared so much history with our family about England and Canterbury. Because we rented a car in both London and France, we were able to visit many unique places outside the typical tourist locations, which made our trip quite memorable'.

 The Demeri's in the London Eye

So with dozens of trips under their collective belt - what's the family's advice for home swapping? ': I highly recommend planning your dates of travel first, selecting at least two different destinations that are appealing,' Joseph shares, 'In the end, you hope to have multiple choices that will work for you. I do not recommend setting your heart on one location and one home only'.

And what about advice for those nervous first-time swappers? 'With each swap our confidence has grown and with no bad experiences to report we can honestly say our concerns now are minimal,' says Joseph 'just go in with an understanding of any natural reservations anyone would have and feel free to contact the Love Home Swap office via email or telephone to discuss any concerns before requesting your first swap'.

As for what's next for this family, the Demeris are currently working on a three-week exchange across Italy, travelling to Rome, Tuscany, Greece and Piedmont. They're particularly interested in Greece and Austria for future swaps, so if you think they could be your perfect swap partners, take a look at their Southampton home here.

 Family racing on a home exchange in France

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