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"It has saved us an enormous amount of money - accommodation and hiring of a car - staying in a part of the country that we would not have thought of - it's one of the best ideas we've ever taken up"

With their son now living in Canberra, Liz and Ian decided to do a classic swap their picturesque Yorkshire home with a gorgeous family home in New South Wales.

This couple are no stranger to the country down under, saying "we have been to Australia six times and, as you can imagine, going every year is a drain on the resources, especially the first few times where we had to find accommodation.". They also told us that they didn't always want to rely on family for a place to stay.

They found the fun of home swapping thanks to a friend - "a friend mentioned to us that they had done a three-month house swap in France, which obviously led to us having a go". After looking online, Liz say they "were confident in using the home swap idea" and arranged their first trip.

Liz and Ian had a great time in Australia, exploring places they had never been to before. "We do like to go off the tourist trail" they tell us.

Continuing their love for swapping, Liz tells us they are heading to the south of England next for their first non-simultaneous, and are looking into a three-month swap "in the not too distant future".

They have since recommended us to friends who are now happy members of the Love Home Swap community.

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