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"Staying in a house swap you get much more of a flavour of the local way of life"

Liz and her husband, Pete, used points to head to a beautiful home in Mexico over Christmas and New Year. Having never swapped before, but liking privacy when travelling, the couple decided to use their points for a non-simultaneous swap of their delightful Hampshire home.

It seems Mel and Peter were destined to be home swappers, as she tells us "I have always much preferred to stay in the seclusion and privacy of a house when travelling abroad than a hotel".

With their ideal location matched to their requirements, they spent 13 nights in the mountains of Mexico. For a shorter trip, they managed to have a lot of fun experiences - "we were invited to two dinner parties, a New Year's eve house party and a 90th birthday party".

Not only were the locals very welcoming, Mel added that her host, Louise, "was very helpful in making suggestions and bookings prior to our arrival on things to do".

Mel and Peter had a great time in Mexico and made some wonderful memories, as she tells us how they "hosted a drinks party at the house for 25 new friends we had just met!".

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