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Member story: Meet the Starlings from La Follette
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Member story: Meet the Starlings from La Follette

Ellena Morgan
By Ellena Morgan - 3 minute read

Amanda Starling and her family love an adventure, and it was this that originally attracted them to Love Home Swap. Now, ten swaps later, they still love swapping with us. We caught up with them to find out why.

Being the adventurous family they are, the Starlings love the opportunity Love Home Swap presents. You can search for where you want to go, but also receive and accept swaps to places you may have never considered before. And this inspired their top tip for home exchange: Be flexible. 'It's highly likely that you'll receive a request from a place you've never considered visiting before. Consider it now!' says Amanda.

When talking perks, Amanda was also quick to address the 'obvious' benefit of home exchange. 'Who doesn't want to spend less money?' she says, 'I've saved thousands this way.' Also pointing out that asking other guests along won't cost you extra this way either.

The benefits for the Starlings go far beyond money too. It's the personal element of home swapping that has really captured this family's hearts. 'I love the personal connection you make with the owners,' says Amanda, 'I value their friendship.'

Amanda not only values this connection, but nurtures it during her swaps, leaving her guests presents for upcoming birthdays and gift baskets filled with goodies to enjoy during their stay. And they get what they give too, 'we've received surprise bottles of wine and even cupcakes on our arrival before' says Amanda.

It's this community aspect of Love Home Swap that has kept the Starlings swapping for so long. 'Feeling like I'm part of the community I'm visiting is such a unique and valuable quality of travelling this way,' says Amanda 'I feel that I have gotten more than a superficial tourist's view of a place.'

So, as Love Home Swap pros, what would the Starlings say to first time swappers? 'Relax. And remember, the other person is in the same situation that you are. They trust you with their home too.'

As for what's next for them, look out for the Starlings on the streets of Paris this summer. If you think they sound like the perfect swappers for you, check out their home in Tennesse here.