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Pam along with her partner Charlie & lovely kids, Monique & Zac are using Love Home Swap to travel the world & giving us regular updates along the way. With 18 swaps under their collective belt already, Pam tells us a little about why they swap & what they've got planned for future travels.

"Before embarking on our new life I wondered if home-swapping was really a good idea. Would we really get any swaps? Would our homes feel like home afterwards? There are lots of home-swapping sites...which one should I choose?" Pam told us.

We're happy to report that the family ultimately decided on Love Home Swap to start their new journey of home exchange and it seems they haven't looked back since.

"Since April 2015, we have travelled through Spain and Portugal, and enjoyed Paris through home-swapping and right now (well you can tell from the picture) we are in Amsterdam," says Pam. "We are travelling around the world while home schooling and having fun. In August we will visit the Arctic Circle, travelling to Troms, Norway then we drive up a bit further north".

On what attracted to Pam and co to the site she explains, "I love Love Home Swap because the customer support is speedy, friendly and super helpful. I love it that we can earn points in a simple, easy to understand and easy to use way. I find the Love Home Swap website very user-friendly as well. Our home-swapping experiences have been super, we have had some great people to stay. They have cared for our place while we were away and kept it beautifully for us on our return - So THANK YOU Love Home Swap for making this possible"

We're thrilled Pam and her family are having such an exciting adventure thanks to the site and we can't wait to hear more as they unfold.

Keep your eyes peeled for the family's coming adventures, including their trip to the arctic north.

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